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  • (Translated by Google) This is the first time I wrote a review on Google. I found it on my mobile phone for a long time. I don’t know how to write it. Finally I turned on the computer and slowly started to write the first and most important review in my life.

    The wedding has been going on for 10 days, and I haven’t slowed down until now. One of the things I do every day in these days is to look at the various photo videos on my mobile phone and don’t want to wake up.

    When I added Flora WeChat, it was still 5 years ago. At that time, I attended a friend’s wedding and lamented that the wedding was too beautiful. I immediately went to WeChat, even if I didn’t meet my husband at the time, I didn’t know when I would get married, but I knew in my heart that I would like to find them after the wedding. So five years later, I took my husband and found Flora and Erin. We signed the contract for the first initial meeting. In fact, it should be said that I signed the contract unilaterally five years ago, because I want you, there is no second choice. !

    I am not a person who is good at expressing. I didn't intend to speak on the wedding day, but when I stood there and faced everything that fleur brought to us, I said a lot with a microphone. After the wedding, many relatives and friends told us that the wedding was very good, especially when I spoke very well. In fact, I have forgotten what I said at the time, but I know that the hero who made me perform so well is fleur. They gave us everything we wanted, and they did what they said, "Do not worry about anything, give it to us." We will have no worries and really enjoy the day that belongs to us most.

    I know that for fleur, we are not the most high-end customers. We don't spend the most money. The route we take in our wedding is not the most special and novel. Even we are not the bride and groom with the highest value, but we really enjoy the most. The most special and best service of the profession, I became a "prince and princess" and gave us a unique wedding.

    Thank you fleur for giving us and our family and friends a most precious memory. This is not something you can feel by watching photos and videos. It is engraved in your mind and in your heart. When you think about it, you can't help but smile. Thank you very much! ! !




    加Flora微信的时候还是5年前了,那时候参加朋友的婚礼,感叹婚礼太美了的同时马上去要来了微信,哪怕当时都没有遇到我老公,更不知道自己会什么时候结婚,但心里就认定了以后婚礼想要找她们。于是5年后,我拉着老公找到了Flora和Erin,第一次initial meeting我们就签约了,其实应该说5年前我心里就单方面签约了,因为我要的就是你们,没有第二选择!




  • (Translated by Google) Actually, I don't know where to start. I just thought about what to say, haha.

    From the beginning of the preparation of the wedding, I also met a lot of planners, but the initial meeting with F sister really made me decide the choice of fleur. It doesn't make sense to say it. It may be that intuition makes me choose to believe in her.

    After further contact, I met Erin. I found out how correct my choices are. I am a very tangled person with selective phobia. When I started to choose the venue and theme of the wedding, I was really tangled. I like a lot of material and my thoughts have been changing. I feel that I am annoying myself. However, erin and flora took me to countless places and modified countless times, including the questions I asked in the middle of the night. Erin is a second.

    Until the wedding, I was always in a state of ignorance. I only knew that my wedding was going to be white and green, like a forest, but when I really saw the scene, I didn’t know what adjectives I could go. Described, completely exceeded my expectations. Many people ask me not to be nervous before the wedding, I don't seem to be very nervous at all. Because I didn't worry about anything, I really became a little princess all day. There are also many people who say that they didn't enjoy it when they got married. They just wanted to end earlier this day, but I feel that this day has passed too fast and I have not enjoyed it. My husband knows that I am a bit of perfectionism. Before I got married, I specifically said to me that at this time of the wedding scene, there will definitely be a variety of unexpected situations. It is impossible to be perfect, let me not worry so much, he said I just want to enjoy the moment. But I want to say that my wedding is really flawless, completely perfect, his fears are completely redundant.

    It seems that the scene of the game yesterday is still in sight. I didn’t know how many times they embraced fleur during the whole wedding. In fact, every hug is a thank-you. When they came, they arranged such a beautiful scene. When they left, they were really quiet. Even I want a photo with them that I didn't have time to.

    I also want to say that everyone in fleur seems to be very warm, and the little assistant who has been with me on the wedding day, I want to thank you too! I have been dragging my skirt for a long time, I am afraid that I am hungry, always give me food!

    Therefore, the feedback from the guests is that this is the most fun wedding, the most happy wedding, it seems that everyone has participated, and there are people who say that I still want to marry again. In short, a thousand words thank you! Can't represent my current mood

    It seems to be a mess of haha, but this is my current mood. I just got up and didn’t have time to sort it out. I just want to write down your thanks.

    I really can't bear you! I feel like you are like my family, I am reluctant to end, love you! ! !



    从开始准备婚礼,我也见了很多planner,可是和F姐的initial meeting真的让我瞬间决定了选择fleur。说不上来是一种什么样的感觉,可能就是直觉让我选择相信她。


    直到婚礼前其实我也一直都是蒙蒙的状态,我只知道我的婚礼要白白绿绿的,像森林那样,可是当我真的看到场地布置好的那一幕我都不知道有什么形容词可以去形容,完全超出了我的预期。很多人婚礼前问我紧不紧张,我好像完全没有很紧张。因为我什么都没有去操心,真真正正的当了一整天的小公主。也有很多人说结婚的时候一点都没有享受到,只想这一天早一点结束,可是我觉得这一天过去的太快了,完全没有享受够。我老公他知道我有点完美主义,结婚前特意和我说,婚礼现场这种时候,肯定会有各种各样意想不到的状况发生,不可能是完美的,让我不要那么的操心,他说我只要enjoy the moment就好。可是我想说,我的婚礼真的没有瑕疵,完完全全的完美,他的担心完全都是多余的。






  • (Translated by Google) Three days after the wedding, I was busy and I finally had time to sit down and flip through the photos on my mobile phone, and remember to write about my feelings about the most important days of my life. I want to call my planners dreamers from today! But unlike dreamers, dreams are feelings but they can't tell others, and Fleur gives me not only a single fairy dream, but my closest family and best friend is also complete in this tight day. Participation. If you are going to start a wedding, ask me why I choose Fleur. I really answer, if you are a lazy cancer patient like me, there is a small flaw in your wedding, but there is not much demand, the most The most important thing is that your Buddhist system is like me. Usually, you are very busy and rarely communicate with planning. In the end, they can completely restore your dream wedding (completely two words are not exaggerated). My wedding started planning two years ago. Except for the first meeting in the beginning, I firmly mentioned my own venue and main color. The rest of the Buddha said that there is actually no idea. It doesn't matter...but I think the most annoying thing about the planners is that I have no idea but a request, and I negate the plan again and again... until one day I feel that I have a little trouble. Erin and Flora have always said that nothing is required to ask you, we try to satisfy.

    Talk about the preparations for the week before the wedding, I clearly want to say that in addition to going to learn first dance, I bought my own wedding dress and personal items, almost unprepared.....The girlfriends have no head flies and asked me to marry you immediately. Not ready? I said what to prepare... every time I asked Erin, she said that you are responsible for the beauty and the United States. I don't know everything that includes Decor. My friends say that I am a big heart. In fact, apart from the Buddhism, I have seen so many weddings that Fluer has done. Flora's aesthetic has always been online, and I don't have to worry about it. In fact, I personally think this is very good, because when I changed the second wedding dress on the wedding day, and Mr. Wang First look, I and my ceremony decor also carried out a First Look, there are surprises and touches, more is to enjoy After that, I was sitting in the Casa Loma conservatory and couldn’t get out of it. The pink and gold combination I wanted was perfect, good and foreign. Every flower can be seen as a surprise choice for the flower artist. There is still something to say, that is, one day I sent my favorite Arch to see Flora. After a few days, she was very excited to call and tell me that you know what you said, the Archist of the Arch you sent us to know, I think that only very experienced planning can understand so many Vendors so coincidentally, then she did not know what magic to use to bring this very famous Russian floral artist, the super rose imported from the Netherlands! There is also a super natural pink calla lily that I like. Aesthetics is not only online, maybe I don't know how to describe the word beyond. Everything is beautiful and this belongs to me. I am the master of this scene, the little princess. At that moment, the heart will melt!

    It is also worth mentioning that it is raining a week before and after the wedding. One day I said in the group that if it rains, Flora tells me confidently that it will not be down, and it is perfectly predicted.... Cocktail is also full of touch, Seat plan is made into a small acrylic box filled with my guests, but also can be used as a dessert table decoration, full of fun. The most incredible thing is that in just a few minutes, the ceremonial area was changed into a dinner area by the powerful Team of Fluer. The seats of 51 people can be said to be seamlessly embedded. Even the size of the Dance floor left for us to dance is like accurate calculation. People who have passed! There is always hot water that I am constantly following by the assistants. I only need to be arranged for each process, like a day of emperor! At the end of the day, the most I heard was that my guests said that it was so beautiful. There were too many places to take pictures. I hope that the time will be longer and every corner wants to be photographed! Even my relatives came down and told me that your wedding was awesome, and my daughter’s wedding didn’t know what to do!

    Then talk about the Vendors recommended by Fluer, from photography! Dance to makeup! Every one can be said to be perfect, I have to go private and thank them for not commenting here! In short, satisfaction is satisfied with satisfaction! Finally, I really want to thank you again, my dreamer!



    说说婚礼前一周的准备,我明确的想说除了去学first dance,买了自己的婚纱和私人物品,几乎是没准备.....闺蜜们都无头苍蝇一样问我马上婚礼了你都不准备么?我说要准备什么...每次问Erin,她都说你就负责美美的就行了。包括Decor所有的一切我都是完全不知道的,朋友们说我心大,其实我除了佛系之外,看过Fluer办的那么多场婚礼,Flora的审美一直在线,完全不用担心。其实我个人认为这样很好,因为婚礼当天当我换完第二套婚纱,和王先生First look之后,我和我的ceremony decor也进行了一次First Look,有惊喜有感动,更多的是享受,之后就呆坐在Casa Loma conservatory 里面无法自拔了,我要的粉色,金色结合的太完美了,不俗且洋气,每一朵花都可以看出是花艺师惊喜挑选的,关于这些花我还有话要说,那就是有一天我发了自己喜欢的Arch拿给Flora看,她过了几天很激动的打电话告诉我说你知道么,你发的那个Arch的花艺师我们认识,我想只有非常有经验的策划才能这么巧合的认识这么多Vendor,接着她不知道动用了什么魔法把这个非常出名的俄罗斯花艺师请来了,荷兰进口的超大玫瑰!还有我喜欢的超大天然粉色马蹄莲。 审美已经不是只有在线,可能除了beyond 这个词我不知道该怎么形容了。一切都好美而这是属于我的,我就是这个场景的主人,小公主。那一刻心都要融化了!

    还有值得一提的就是婚礼前后一周都在下雨,有一天我在群里发说如果下雨怎么办,Flora却很有自信的告诉我说放心不会下,并且完美预测了....Cocktail也是满满的感动,Seat plan 被做成了一个个亚克力小盒子写满了我的宾客们,而且还可以作为甜品台的装饰,饱满有趣。最不可思议的是仪式区在仅仅几十分钟内,被Fluer强大的Team改成了晚宴区,51个人的座位可以说是天衣无缝的镶嵌进去了,连留给我们跳舞的Dance floor大小都像准确算计过的人!还有就是时刻被小助理们跟着的我不停的有热水,每一个流程我都只需要被安排,像做了一天女皇帝!当天结束后,我听到的最多的就是我的客人们说太美了,太多地方可以拍照了,希望时间再长一点每个角落都想要拍到!甚至有我的亲戚下来告诉我说你们这场婚礼办的太棒了,接下来我女儿的婚礼都不知道该怎么办了!

    然后再说说Fluer推荐的Vendor 们,从摄影摄像!到化妆跳舞!每一个都可以说是完美了,我要去私下再感谢一下他们就不在这里做评论了!总之就是满意满意太满意!最后的最后真的要再次感谢你们,我的造梦者!

  • (Translated by Google) Thanks to my wedding planner Tiffany, and all the staff on the wedding day, you are working hard~ our wedding is really perfect, just as we imagined, even better than we thought. In particular, all the details, every detail is exquisite in place, every point in the process is completed accurately and methodically, and the warm atmosphere we want also makes every guest present feel it. All the guests said that they have never participated in this special wedding from divine touch to joy and warmth. In addition, I really feel that your work is very meaningful, although I can feel really hard. During the time, my skirt was dirty because of the outside shot, and both tiffany and angela knelt down and tried to help me clean my skirt before the ceremony. Really moved. The value of your work is greater than the value we pay, and it is worth our treasure for a lifetime. You have done everything we want beyond expectations, and have made the most important day of our life so beautiful, and sincerely give you a thousand times of gratitude. ~ I hope that you will get better and better in the future! --Ailin & Parker


    感谢我的婚礼策划师Tiffany, 以及我们婚礼当天在场的所有工作人员,你们都辛苦啦~我们的婚礼真的太完美了,和我们想象中的一模一样甚至比我们想的更好。特别是所有的细节,每一个细节都很精致到位,流程中的每一个点都精确又有条不紊的完成了,我们想要的温馨的氛围也让每一个在场的来宾感受到了。所有的客人都说从来没参加过这种从神圣感人到欢乐温暖的特别的婚礼。此外,我真心觉得你们的工作非常有意义,虽然也能感觉到真的很辛苦。期间我的裙子因为外拍弄脏了,tiffany和angela两个人都蹲下来努力的帮我赶在仪式前擦干净我的裙子。真的太感动了。你们工作得价值大于我们付出的价值,值得我们珍藏一辈子了。你们超出预期做到了所有我们想要的样子,把我们人生中最重要的一天变的这么美好,真心的给你们一千次的感谢。~希望你们今后越办越好!--Ailin & Parker

  • (Translated by Google) Why choose to send today, because today is Thanksgiving. And this is a grateful "love letter" written to Angel. I hope she will not cry after reading. 2018 made two of the most important decisions, one is to marry a love ????, two is to find angel as our wedding master planner! So there was a perfect and unforgettable day of 2018.09.16????????????

    I started paying attention to the fleur wedding two years ago. The first time I saw fFlora was a talk show with her and Erin, and then I was deeply attracted by their talents. It can be said that I have decided to let them help me since then. Finish this dream wedding, because I know that everyone on the Fleur team is extraordinary and will bring you unexpected surprises.

    Let's focus on the following! ! ! After the initial meeting, Angel was responsible for this fairytale wedding. First use a few words to describe her, that is: professional, responsible, patient, and careful. I only know how important it is to have a careful and professional planner for a wedding. You may not be able to appreciate the little things behind the planner, but my husband and I really feel this! From looking for the venue to the most important vendor choices later, angel didn't know how much homework for us. Every time I sent a message about the vendor's choice, it was a long, long “composition” that included every thought or thought you thought about. Every detail. She never bothered to ask all the information out of the word and let us read and make a decision. Every time we see that long WeChat we will be touched, how patient people will do this. She is not only so careful to us, even the invitation's vendor told me that angel helped us communicate with her. When I designed the invitation, I sent a long message to her every time. The amount of information was so special that we designed the invitation once. Hey. I have never been able to communicate with all the vendors. She is fully authorized. Every time she meets, she also arranges it very well. Time has always been the priority for us to consider. Later, the ribbon on the invitation and the favor is a color that she can help with all kinds of stores when she has time. . So you see the little bit of the wedding scene, every little detail, she is helping us to prepare for it in the 9 months.

    On the day of the final meeting, I was moved to cry by the fineness of the angel carefully prepared for each of us. The content is detailed to what time a few people do. I have always thought that such a compact and accurate time can really be done? She really proved her yes to her on the day of the wedding, her coordinator ability, her dedication, it is amazing. The hardest person of the day may be her, she needs to coordinate each team and grasp the time of each link. I was very nervous that day, but I knew that she was more stressed than me, but still comforted me to accompany me: You are the most beautiful bride today, you are right, you are responsible for beauty, everything else is paid give me. I felt that someone had helped me to stand up for a moment.

    I still remember that my makeup artist Amelie said the most pertinent words on the wedding day. She said that your wedding today is definitely perfect. Why do I say? She said that the best teams in Toronto have been invited to the scene today. Yes, yes, it all thanks to professional Angel recommendation, photography (max team), camera (julian team), dessert (cathy), host (george), makeup (Amelie), dance teacher (岍岍)... Everyone is super super satisfied, and I sincerely thank you for your support and hard work. There is no need for me to say about Flora's dedication. I still remember that the wedding night was late because of our car. She stayed with me and my family until the last person left us. I am still moved with my family until now. . .

    My husband and I really thank you for everything you have done for us for 9 months. Thank you for the wedding day that really made me feel free to immerse myself in a happy wedding. Thanks to Angel and TT for staying with me throughout the big day, I feel a sense of security. After the wedding, you have already prepared all the things we have to take away, and we don’t have to worry about what we have forgotten! It’s so sweet! Hey Angel, you have witnessed my happiness, and I hope that one day in the near future, I can watch you enter the marriage hall as you watched me marry!



    两年前就开始关注fleur wedding,第一次看到fFlora是她和Erin的一次访谈节目,然后就深深的被她们的才华吸引了,可以说从那时起就决定了让她们来帮我完成这个梦中的婚礼,因为我知道Fleur team的每个人都不平凡,会给你带来意想不到的惊喜。

    下面就来敲重点!!!initial meeting之后,我们这场童话般美好的婚礼就由Angel来负责了。先用几个词来形容下她,那就是:专业,负责,耐心,细心。只有亲身体会过才知道有一个细心且专业的planner对一场婚礼有多重要,你们可能无法体会planner背后为我们付出的点滴,但我和我老公是真真切切的感受到了这一点!从找场地开始,到后来最重要的vendor选择,angel不知为我们做了多少功课,每一次发来关于vendor选择的信息都是很长很长的“作文”包括了每一个你想到或没有想到的每个细节。她从没嫌过麻烦都是一字一句的把所有信息打出来让我们阅读再做决定。每次看到那长长的微信我们都会被感动,是多么耐心的人才会做到这样。她不仅对我们这样细心,就连invitation 的vendor都跟我说angel帮我们跟她沟通定请柬设计时候也是每次发了长长的信息给她,信息量特别全,以致我们请柬设计一次就通过????。跟所有vendor的沟通我从来没操过心,都是她全权代理了。每一次meeting她也安排的很到位,时间上从来都是优先替我们考虑,后来小到一根请柬和favor上的丝带????都是她一有空就帮我们各种店里找可以搭配的颜色。所以你们看到婚礼现场的点点滴滴,每一个小细节,都是她帮我们在这9个月的时间里一点一点花心思准备的。

    到了final meeting那天,我被angel精心为我们每个人准备的itinerary感动到哭。内容详细到几点几分每个人做什么。我一直都在想这么紧凑及精确的时间真的能完成吗?她真的真的在婚礼那天有条不紊的用她的行动向我证明了yes,她的coordinator能力,她的敬业,实在惊人。那天最辛苦的人也许就是她了,她需要协调好每个team,把握好每个环节的时间。我那天很紧张,但我知道她比我压力还大,却还一直安慰着我陪着我说:你今天就是最美的新娘,你做什么都是对的,你就负责美,其他事都交给我。瞬间觉得有个人帮我顶起了一片天。

    我还记得婚礼当天我的化妆师Amelie说了一句最中肯的话,她说你今天的婚礼肯定很完美,我说为什么?她说多伦多最棒的几个团队都被你请到了今天的现场。是的,没错,这一切都归功于专业的Angel推荐,摄影(max团队),摄像(julian团队),甜品(cathy),主持(george),化妆(Amelie),舞蹈老师(岍岍)…每一个我都是超级超级满意,也由衷的感谢你们的大力支持和辛苦付出。还有flora的敬业就不用我说了, 还记得婚礼当晚因为我们的车来晚了, 她就这样陪着我和我的家人,直到把我们送上车最后一个人离开。到现在我和我的家人还感动着。。。

    我和老公真的特别感谢你们这9个月为我们做的一切。感谢你们婚礼当天真的让我做到了无忧无虑沉浸在幸福的婚礼里。感谢Angel和TT在整个big day都一直陪着我,让我感受到了足够的安全感。婚礼结束后,你们把所有我们要带走的东西都早已准备好了放箱子,都不用我们操心忘带了什么!简直太贴心了!????????????Angel你见证了我的幸福,也希望在不久后的某一天我也可以像你看着我出嫁那样看着你走进婚姻的殿堂!

  • (Translated by Google) Write to Fleur Team, Before I wrote this review, I flipped through the photos of my wedding. In fact, before I found Flora, I was already a faithful powder of Fleur Wedding. In the year of silent attention to Weibo, I almost finished all the weddings of the Fleur team, and every game can find different thoughts and surprises. So when I decided to hold a wedding ceremony in Toronto with my husband, I did not hesitate to choose Fleur. The first time I met Flora, it was not very unexpected, because she was exactly what I imagined, elegant, capable and gentle. Every question you have can be answered very neatly, and there is no useless nonsense. At that moment, let me be more determined about my choice. In less than five months, my little angel planner Tiffany helped me find the venue, regularize the wedding ideas, and helped me plan a wedding of my dreams. They have the energy and patience that

    I can't imagine. In the months of preparing for the wedding, no matter what your thoughts and moths are on the wedding, Tiffany always said, no problem, I will help you find a way, I will help you to join it and become a reality.

    On the eve of the wedding, I remember a friend asking me, how about décor? Have you seen the effect chart? When I said no, my friend asked if you are not worried. Not afraid to watch the wedding day, do you like it? I was thinking very seriously at the time, but the magic is that I really didn't worry. Instead, he is full of confidence in the Décor team. It turns out that trusting them is worthwhile. On the wedding day, when I walked into the venue and saw the whole scene layout, it was a dream come true. The tears came out instantly, and the crying was a mess. I remember that I turned and said to F sister, "I can’t Love you." At the end of the wedding, I also really realized the words of seeing F sister first. The wedding is handed over to us. You don't have to worry about it. Just you need to be a bride.

    We will do everything for you.

    The last and last really really really really really really really thank you very much, the little angel planner Tiffany, F sister, décor team and all the Fleur beauty employees on the wedding day! Give you a big hug and praise! ❤❤❤


    写给Fleur Team,


    其实在找到Flora之前,我就已经是Fleur Wedding的忠实粉了。默默关注微博的一年里,我几乎是跟完了Fleur team所有的婚礼,每一场都能发现不一样的心思和惊喜。所以当我跟老公决定在多伦多办婚礼仪式的时候,我毫不犹豫的选择了Fleur。第一次跟Flora见面,其实并没有很意外,因为她完全就是我想象中的样子,优雅,干练,温柔。你的每一个疑问,都能非常精练的回答,并且毫无无用的废话。那一瞬间,让我对自己的选择更加坚定了。在不足5个月的时间里,我的小天使策划师Tiffany帮我寻找场地,规整wedding思路,事无巨细的帮我策划了一场我梦想的婚礼。他们有我想象不到的能量和耐心。在准备婚礼的几个月里,不管你对婚礼提什么想法和幺蛾子的要求,Tiffany总是说,没问题,我帮你想办法,我帮你把它加入婚礼,变成现实。

    婚礼前夕,我记得有朋友问我,décor如何啦?有看到效果图吗?我说没有的时候,朋友问说你都不担心吗?不怕婚礼当天看,不喜欢吗?当时我有很认真的思考,但是神奇的是,我真的没有担心。反而对Décor team充满了信心。事实证明,信任他们,是值得的。婚礼那天,当我走进场地,看到整个现场布置的时候,是梦成真的样子,眼泪瞬间就出来了,哭的一塌糊涂,我记得我转身对F姐说了一句话“我不能更爱你了”。


    最后的最后真的真的真的真的真的真的真的真的非常谢谢小天使策划师Tiffany, F姐,décor team和婚礼那天所有的Fleur的美女员工们!给你们大大的拥抱和赞!❤❤❤

  • We just got married last weekend, and we truly thank Fleur Weddings for all the hard work and their professionalism. I loved, loved and loved our wedding planner Jennifer, I cannot say enough about her. She was wonderful, professional, patient, attentive, truly above and beyond the call of duty!!! (已词穷~)We worked with her for about 6 months, she planned and coordinate meetings with vendors and attended them all. Not only that, she also helped us contacting printing service and picking up all the materials from the shop for us. Some times we had some concerns and questions, she was always patient and responsive, guiding us throughout the process. She really listened and made sure that we were comfortable with the planning process and really helped me to bring my vision to reality on that day. On our wedding day, Jennifer also worked alongside three other assistants, supervising the set-up, she made sure one of her staff members was with me so I could have everything I needed. At the end of the day, we received wonderful feedback from family and friends for such a wonderful and fun wedding. So glad that we chose Fleur weddings, you guys are absolutely top notch. Thank you again for all your team did!!! Cynthia & Kan

  • (Translated by Google) If you don't experience a wedding in person, you will never feel the power of the Fleur team.

    After a bridesmaid at the Fleur wedding, Fleur Weddings became my first choice. And Flora's initial meeting allowed us not only to feel Fleur's rigorous and professional attitude, but also to have a new understanding of the wedding designer, and Flora's sentence also made me find a Planner who can really understand us. She said: "If you don't tell me that you have been together for so many years, I thought you were just together, too teasing you!" --- Yes, Flora caught us in our daily life." The way of getting along with each other is very difficult (yan) (guang)!

    Flora's aesthetic, advanced and unique, is by no means limited to the inspirational pictures you show her. Flora said a word that I particularly agree with: "The inspiration picture is always someone else's, and we have to design a copyright that is truly your own." Décor's design is also accurate to every detail. From chairs, tableware, tablecloths, to centerpieces, flower gates, hand-held, to sweet table, reception table, signing table. Every place is thoughtful, each beautiful and complement each other. Flora really presented the feelings of “retro”, “exquisite” and “feeling” that I wanted. Every time I recall the photos of the wedding day, I can't help but wonder: How can my wedding be so beautiful? (Do not accept rebuttal)

    Erin! ! ! My dearest planner! ! ! An Aries girl like me. I think this is fate. When I was fascinated by the wedding, she appeared (a bit of tears, what happened?). I am very comfortable with Erin and I am especially willing to share our stories and preferences with her. She really smiles all the time, full of enthusiasm, and makes me believe that in addition to ourselves, there is such a person who will prepare for our wedding without any detail, and always maintain high standards and high requirements. Every time I encounter a problem, Erin can always stand up at the first moment, communicate carefully and give a solution with a sensitive mind. One month before the wedding is the most complicated time, and this is the busiest stage of wedding preparation. Finalize the final number of people and the design of the day of stationary (do not know how many times!), prepare the items for the rehearsal day (quite quite a lot!), confirm the final process of the wedding day (accurate to the minute and everyone)... These TO-DO LISTs, which were originally only quietly lying in the Excel table, must be completed one by one. The approaching wedding also made me particularly sensitive in emotions. It is undeniable that for a few moments I was close to collapse. Every time I tell Erin my concerns and issues, she can always get to my point and solve it quickly; every word "understand", "understand", "I get it" is her professionalism and ability. Perfect embodiment. (Aries girls are so good?)

    The day of the wedding is really that I have not had time to feel "you", "you" has become a memory. The same is true of Fleur.

    It's hard to imagine, if there is no Erin, Flora on the wedding day, and no Fleur's every on-site partner, what would it be like. From the early morning Get ready, Erin and Tiffany have been with me, always follow up the time of photography and makeup, help me pick up the things to bring to the venue, feed me from time to time, and quietly arranged someone Surprise me (here I omits the inner monologue of 10,000 words...). When I got to the first look and photo shooting after the event, Dong Dongdong was like a big cotton jacket. I carefully arranged the wedding dress for me, took things, and I had other small things with Tiffany when I changed my makeup. The progress of the partner update ensures that every step of the process is planned. When shooting on location, I saw Erin, Flora, Jennifer, and Rose commanding and arranging the scene in an orderly manner. Everyone is busy, and I just need to keep smiling and gestures and feel the beautiful moment that belongs to me. These are the details that can really be felt as a bride. Many of the steps that you thought were pre-arranged will definitely deviate from the right track on the day (don't worry, this is normal!). At this time, Fleur's professional and on-the-spot ability as a team is the true embodiment of value.

    I heard a lot of words after the wedding...

    ...your wedding is so beautiful!

    ...the original wedding can still be like this? so fun!

    ...this is the most interesting wedding of the year! Special care! ...the two of you feel particularly stable that day, not anxious!

    Yes, this is the power of the Fleur team. Every detail, they are not let go. Every time I say the idea of being free, I am actually uncertain. There are too many ideas, but they are all very vague. Erin and Flora can help me to conceptualize the abstract concept, so that I will not be confused or impatient during the nearly one-year marriage preparation process. Every step is very stable and reassuring.

    Thank you Erin, thank you Flora. Thanks to all the Fleur team for participating in our wedding preparations.

    Fortunately, you can marry love with your company.

    (The groom is really caring message: When is the meal?)


    不亲身经历一次婚礼,是永远也无法体会到Fleur team的强大力量的。

    在当过一次Fleur婚礼的伴娘之后,Fleur Weddings成为了我的首选。和Flora的initial meeting让我们不仅感受到了Fleur严谨认真的专业态度,也对wedding designer有了新的认识,同时Flora的一句话也让我认定找到了能真正懂我们的Planner。她说:“如果不告诉我你们已经在一起这么多年了,我还以为你们才刚刚在一起呢,太逗了你俩!” ——— 是的,Flora一下子就捕捉到了我们平日生活里”相爱相杀”的相处模式,很 (you) 难 (yan) 得 (guang)!

    Flora的审美,又高级又独特,绝不局限于你给她展示的灵感图片。Flora说过一句话我特别认同:“灵感图片里的永远是别人的,而我们要设计的是一份真正属于你自己独有的décor”。Décor的设计也是精确到每一个细节。从椅子、餐具、桌布,到centerpiece、花门、手捧,再到sweet table、reception table,signing table。每一处都是小心思,各自精美又相得益彰。Flora真的把我想要的“复古”、“精致”、“有质感”的感觉完美地呈现了出来。每次回味婚礼当天的décor照片,都会忍俊不禁:我的婚礼怎么可以这么美?(不接受反驳)

    Erin!!!我最最亲爱的planner!!!一个和我一样的白羊座女生。我想这就是缘分。在我对婚礼憧憬着却迷茫的时候,她出现了(有点热泪盈眶了是怎么回事???)。和Erin相处,特别的舒服,也特别愿意与她分享我们的故事和喜好。她真的无时无刻都面带微笑,充满热情,让我相信原来除了我们自己以外,还有那么一个人会事无巨细地为我们的婚礼做准备,并且永远保持高标准、高要求。每次遇到问题,Erin总能第一时刻站出来,认真沟通并思维灵敏地给出解决办法。婚礼前的一个月是心情最复杂的时候,而这也正是婚礼筹备最忙碌的阶段。敲定最后的人数和day of stationary的设计(改了不知道多少遍!),准备彩排日交接的物品(相当相当多!),确认婚礼当天的最终流程(精确到分钟和每一个人)……这些原本只安静地躺在Excel表格里的TO-DO LIST,一下子都要一一去完成。婚礼的临近也让我在情绪上变得特别的敏感,不可否认有那么几个瞬间我是接近崩溃的。每次当我告诉Erin我的顾虑和issue之后,她总能马上get到我的点并迅速解决;每一句“明白”、“了解”、“我搞定”的背后,都是她专业和能力的完美体现。(白羊座女生都这么优秀的吗?)


    很难想象,如果婚礼那天没有Erin、Flora,没有Fleur每一位 on-site的小伙伴,会是怎样的。从一大早的Get ready,Erin和Tiffany就一直陪在我身边,随时跟进摄影摄像和化妆的时间,帮我收拾要带去venue的东西,时不时喂我喝水,还悄悄安排了某人给我的惊喜(此处省略一万字澎湃的内心独白……)。到了venue之后的first look和photo shooting, 董董董就像个贴心的大棉袄,全程细心地为我整理婚纱裙摆,拿东西,并且在我换造型妆发的时候随时和Tiffany还有其他小伙伴update进度,确保每一步流程都按照计划来。外景拍摄的时候,我看到Erin、Flora、Jennifer和Rose在有条不紊地指挥和布置现场。大家都忙忙碌碌的,而我,只需要保持微笑和姿态,感受这专属于我的美好时刻。这些都是作为新娘才能真真切切感受到的细节。很多你以为事先安排好的步骤,在当天一定会在某种程度上偏离正轨(不要担心,这很正常!)。而这种时候,Fleur作为一个团队所呈现出来的专业和临场应变能力才是价值的真正体现。






    是的,这就是Fleur team强大的力量。每一个细节,他们都不放过。每次当我说出天马行空的想法,其实我自己都是不确定的。想法太多,但都是很模糊的。而Erin和Flora可以帮我把抽象的概念变得具象化,让我在将近一年的备婚过程中不慌乱、不急躁,每一步都很稳、很安心。

    谢谢Erin,谢谢Flora。谢谢Fleur team所有参与我们婚礼筹备的小伙伴们。



  • (Translated by Google) From the initial meeting with Fleur Weddings, I fully felt two words: "professional." These two words run through the entire preparation ceremony until the wedding day. Whether it is the Master Sheet prepared for our wedding from the budget table to the row table to the day, the process is very comprehensive and detailed, or their questions reveal a full understanding of the industry, I am very impressed, let us decide to push that night After falling off another wedding planner, I decided to be Fleur!

    In the process of communicating with the Fleur Team, whether it is our temporary thoughts or the communication with Vendor, Venue, the three most words we get are always: "OK", "No problem" ,"do not worry". The advantage of owning your own wedding is that you can be arrogant, and the advantage of finding a good plan is to let you have the utmost to do whatever you want. What do you want, my plan, Jenjan Jennifer, will say, OK, I will try. Then, your dreams come true. I said that I want the lake. She asked me to find four or five venues with lakes to see one by one.

    I said that I want my guests to eat well, she said, no problem, we have seen, the food evaluation of these venues is very good.

    I said that I want to enter the scene like this, she said, well, asked the venue, it is feasible! More often, I don’t know what I can tell, but they can also learn from them with rich experience.

    During the preparations for our wedding, a couple of weddings by friends were also coincidentally produced by Fleur Weddings, with a variety of styles, each with its own beauty. Looking at their circle of friends, I found that I don’t know when I started. I still have some time from my wedding. I haven’t seen my wedding scene yet, but I have blind confidence in my wedding. . (It turns out that this confidence is worth having.)

    On the wedding day, because of the strong wind and sudden cooling, the way I originally wanted to enter could not be carried out, but Zhan Zhan quickly helped me find an equally creative admission. In fact, I thought about it later, what I used on the day was better than what I originally wanted, and it might be better from the perspective of perception. Also because of the low temperature, the night I wanted to go outside to play the fairy stick is also canceled, but this change also makes me feel very intimate, because I can feel that Zhan Zhan is really given from us, from the perspective of the guests. Suggest. A lot of things may not be exactly the same as you think on the day, but imperfections are also perfect. The Fleur Team brings the most perfect and memorable experience to my guests. This is what I want most.

    The profession of Fleur Wedding is also reflected in the grasp of time. What is slackness, I have experienced it. The accompanying little brother and young lady always pay attention to the time, reminding them when necessary, will not make you feel nervous, but let all the processes go smoothly. Believe me, if I have experienced the kind of planning, I will call my relatives and call me. I am very anxious to make it impossible to take pictures with ease. In the end, I have not completed all the things on time. You will know that Fleur has such a quiet practice. How rare (and not so easy!)

    Fleur's Decor Team also has a lot of words to boast. After the wedding, almost everyone praised us for being too beautiful. I was worried about the dinner venue (more quaint), especially the dinner photos of other weddings on the venue website. Although I am very convinced of my planning and Decor team, it is still a little faint. As it turns out, my uneasiness is really unnecessary! My friend sent me a dinner arrangement photo, 360 degrees without a good-looking look, a lot of attention to the details, I just want to say, the ghosts of the gods, the decay of the magic. Most importantly, within our budget!

    Therefore, I have seen Fleur Weddings' beautiful and motivated newcomers, I believe that your heart, Fleur, your wedding will be the perfect! Pick Fleur!

    (Off topic, after adding F sister, from time to time will see her show love. Looking at her beautiful marriage, I feel vague about an answer, Fleur Team can do one after another such a beautiful The wedding is because they really believe in love, believe in beauty, and paint the most touching color on the most important day of the newcomer.


    从和Fleur Weddings的Initial Meeting开始,我就充分感受到两个字:“专业”。这两个字从始至终贯穿整个筹备婚礼直到婚礼举行的那一天。不论是为我们婚礼准备的从预算表到排桌表到当天流程都很全面细致的Master Sheet,还是她们的提问中透露出对行业的充分的了解,都很打动我,让我们当晚就决定推掉见过的另一家wedding planner,就决定是Fleur啦!

    和Fleur Team在沟通婚礼的过程中,不论是我们临时起意提起的想法,还是和Vendor, Venue的沟通有什么问题,我们得到的最多的三个词永远是:“好的”,“没问题”,“不要担心”。属于自己的婚礼的好处就是可以天马行空,而找个好策划的好处就是,让你有底气为所欲为。你说想要什么,我的策划詹詹Jennifer,都会说,行,我试试。然后,你的天马行空就都梦想成真。我说我要湖,她给我找了四五个带湖的场地一个一个去看。

    我说我要我的客人吃的好,她说,没问题,我们看过了,这些场地的食物评价都很好。 我说我要这样那样入场,她说,好,问了场地,可行!

    更多时候,是我自己都讲不清楚的感觉,她们却也能凭借丰富的经验心领神会。 在我们的婚礼筹备期间,有几对朋友办的婚礼也机缘巧合都是Fleur Weddings出品,有各种风格,每一种都有每一种的美丽。看着他们的朋友圈,我发现不知道什么时候开始,明明离自己的婚礼还有一段时间,明明还没看到我婚礼现场的样子,我却已经对我的婚礼的样子有了盲目的自信。(事实证明这种自信值得拥有。)

    婚礼当天,因为大风和突然的降温,我原本想要的入场方式没法进行了,但詹詹迅速帮我找到了同样有创意的入场。其实后来想想,我当天所用的比我自己本来想要的,从观感上来说可能会更好一点。也因为低温,晚上本来想去室外玩仙女棒的环节也取消了,可是这个改动也让我觉得很贴心,因为我能感受到詹詹是真的在从我们,从宾客的角度所给出的建议。很多事情当天可能不会和你想象的一模一样,但是不完美有的时候也是一种完美,Fleur Team给我的宾客们带来的是最完美最难忘的体验,这也是我最想要的。

    Fleur Wedding的专业也体现在时间的把握上。什么叫松弛有度,我是体验到了。随行的小哥和小姐姐时刻关注时间,必要的时候提醒一下,不会让你有紧张感,却让所有流程都走得很顺畅。相信我,如果经历过那种策划挨个给亲人打电话催,催得人十分着急导致没法安心拍照,最后也没有按时完成所有事情的体验,你就会知道Fleur这样润物细无声的做法有多么难得(而且不是那么容易的!)

    Fleur的Decor Team我也很多话想夸,婚礼结束以后几乎每个人都夸我们的布置太太太美了,本来我对晚宴场地(比较古朴)还有点担心,尤其看了场地网站上其他婚礼的晚宴照片,虽然很相信我的策划和Decor团队,却还是有点隐隐的不安。事实证明,我的不安真是太没有必要了!朋友发给我的晚宴布置照片,360度无死角的好看,很多对细节的把握,我只想说,鬼斧神工,化腐朽为神奇。最重要的是,在我们的预算内!

    所以,看过Fleur Weddings的美照动心的准新人们,相信你们的内心,有Fleur,你们的婚礼会是最完美的!Pick Fleur!

    (题外话,加了F姐以后,时不时会看到她秀恩爱。看着她美好的婚姻的样子,我感觉隐隐约约有个答案,Fleur Team之所以能办出一场又一场这么美好的婚礼,是因为她们是真心相信爱情,相信美好,用心在新人最重要的一天画上最动人的一笔色彩。

  • <P>(Translated by Google) From the first time she met, Flora conquered us with her professional attitude. In the selection of planners, we seriously interviewed three teams, of which Flora is the most prepared, giving the most professional and meticulous advice, so although they are the most expensive of the three teams, we resolutely chose Fleur Wedding. Since Flora's teamwork, they have always brought us all kinds of surprises. First, we rented my dreams at the best price, and then recommended us a lot of make-up artists, musicians and DJs. .
    <P>In the year of preparation for the wedding, Rose Yao, as our master planner, has been exhausted from beginning to end. Every link has helped us design and plan without any detail. Since I am a heavy detail control and very persistent, all things must be done in the most exquisite budget, so I often take the trouble to grab Rose details, but she has never been a little disgusted, always smile to help me confirm the operation The possibility. Although the final presentation of the wedding was slightly different from the expectations, the overall freshness and femininity, the family and guests were full of praise.
    Some people say that choosing a person chooses a kind of life, then choosing a wedding planning team will make your chosen life have a fantastic start. I am very glad that we have chosen Fleur Wedding. I hope that the bride/groom who is as detailed as me can realize my dream without madness.
    <P>从第一次见面,Flora就用她专业的态度征服了我们。在选择策划师方面,我们认真的面试了三个团队,其中Flora的准备最充足,给的建议最专业细致,所以虽然她们是三个团队里最贵的,我们还是毅然选择了Fleur Wedding。自从于Flora的团队合作以来,她们总是带给我们各种惊喜,先是帮我们用最优惠的价格租下了我梦想中的venue,然后又为我们推荐了不可多得化妆师,乐师和DJ。
    <P>在筹备婚礼的一年中,Rose Yao作为我们的主策划师,从头到尾一直殚精竭虑。每一个环节都事无巨细的帮着我们设计和策划。由于我是一个重度细节控而且非常执着,所有的事情都要在预算范围内做到最精致,所以经常不厌其烦的抓着Rose抠细节,但是她从来没有一点厌恶,总是笑嘻嘻的帮我确认操作的可能性。婚礼最后的呈现虽与预期略有出入,但是总体清新柔美,家人和宾客都纷纷赞不绝口。
    有人说选择一个人就选择了一种生活,那么选对了一个婚礼策划团队就能让你选择的生活有一个梦幻般的开始。很庆幸我们选择了Fleur Wedding,希望和我一样是细节控的新娘/新郎们能在不抓狂的情况下实现自己的梦想。