• (Translated by Google) It’s been a month since the wedding of 6.24, sorry for this review being written so late :)

    Thanks to the screw classmates for me and my wife, I met Flora and Erin. From the first time and the initial meeting of the flora, we feel their professionalism and responsibility. That night we finalized the contract and decided that our wedding and two bosses personally planned. According to the two bosses, we are the first pure Chinese wedding they did in Toronto, which made them feel unprecedented challenges, and of course more excited.

    In August (as if) the contract was finalized, Flora began to take the opportunity to take us to the venue. From the pastoral style we wanted to do, to the winery we wanted later, to the Chinese style we wanted to do later, we took three weeks to finalize a venue where Chinese wedding arrangements can be arranged (see more photos) Fleur official website).

    After finalizing the venue, Erin began to prepare for the intensive process. Erin has very precise control over every detail of our wedding. While every detail is being prepared in an orderly manner, every detail can bring us a surprise design. As Planner, they will arrange every Vendor meeting, listen to our opinions and give their professional advice, and we don't need to worry about every step. They work diligently, respond to guests in a timely manner no matter how late, and actively arrange a conference call to solve every problem of the guests. As Planner, they not only need to demonstrate professional business capabilities, but also have great enthusiasm. Erin and Flora have shown greater enthusiasm than me (Mrs.) in every meeting. Whenever we or they have a new idea, they feel more excited than us. This spirit is very important in the long wedding preparations.

    In the April and May of the wedding, they also urged us to complete the necessary homework as the class teacher, which made us a lot more practical in the intense preparations. Erin is not only a competent planner, but also a good accountant. Every account is clear to us.

    The day before the wedding, Erin will arrange everyone's roles and plays during the rehearsal, so that everyone can sleep well the night before without worry.

    On the wedding day, thanks to the screw classmates and Erin who followed us from early in the morning, door game, tea, and photo. The layout of the wedding venue is also perfect. Flora prepared for us all the elements needed for a Chinese wedding. Her design fits perfectly with the venue and gives us surprises. The design of Flora in this place is difficult to express in words, or please go to see their official website! Starting with Ceremony, all the wedding process is carried out in an orderly manner, and all my wife and I need to do is to enjoy every minute of the wedding. All the staff were busy and professional after running.

    Because it is a Chinese wedding, the dinner is the highlight. The three-hour dinner is very memorable every minute, thanks to Erin's idea of the event and the Flora-decorated venue. I can't write it down here because I was happy when I was halfway through the dinner, and all the things I forgot. After listening to my wife, they are responsible for taking care of each guest’s problems and distributing the gifts. Our gifts are tea and tea cans. Thanks to Flora for helping all guests pick their favorite tea.

    My wife and I are very satisfied with the nine-month wedding preparation process. I am a person who is very particular about the details and in the contact with them, we did not feel a trace of trouble. They like challenges, are good at details, and have unlimited creativity. We believe that no matter if you want any kind of wedding, they will be satisfied with 110 points.


    6.24的婚礼已经过去一个月了,抱歉这篇review写的这么迟 :)

    感谢螺丝同学替我和我夫人牵线,认识了Flora和Erin。从第一次和flora的initial meeting就让我们感到了她们的专业以及负责。当晚我们就敲定了合同,决定我们的婚礼又两位老板亲自策划。据两位老板说,我们是她们在多伦多做的第一场纯中式的婚礼,这也让她们感到了前所未有的挑战,当然更多的是激动。


    敲定完场地,Erin就开始为我们进行了紧锣密鼓的流程筹备。Erin对我们婚礼的每一个细节都有着非常准确的把控。在有条不紊的准备每一个细节的同时,在每一个细节都能带来给我们惊喜的设计。作为Planner,她们会把每一个Vendor meeting安排好,充分听取我们的意见并给出自己专业的建议,每一步都不需要我们担心。她们工作尽职尽责,无论多晚都会及时回复客人,并且积极安排conference call来解决客人的每一个问题。作为Planner,她们不仅需要展现出专业的业务能力,更要有极大的热情。在每一次meeting中Erin和Flora都展现出了比我(夫人)更大的热情。每当我们俩或者她们自己有一个新点子的时候,她们都感觉比我们还激动,这种精神在漫长的婚礼筹备中是非常重要的。



    婚礼当天,感谢螺丝同学和Erin从一大早就跟着我们接亲,door game,敬茶,拍照。婚礼场地的布置也非常完美。Flora为我们精心准备了一场中式婚礼所需要的所有元素,她的设计与场地完美地契合,给了我们意料之内的惊喜。这个地方对Flora的设计很难用语言表示,还是请大家去看她们的官方网站!从Ceremony开始,婚礼的一切流程都有条不紊地进行,我和夫人需要做的只是享受婚礼的每一分钟。所有工作人员跑前跑后,忙碌而又专业。



  • My wife and I are both busy people working 40-60 hours per week each, and having a wedding planner certainly is a huge help to us. We would have been ripping off each other's heads if not for Fleur Weddings! Flora personally met with us to give us a good feel of what we expect from our wedding and customized it to make it more perfect. She was fantastic, and made the initial meeting detailed yet interesting. We were assigned Rose, our wedding planner, and boy is she our best friend now. The level of advice she offers is beyond what I imagined. You can feel assured that all the little details she has gotten you covered. I am confident in saying that she will offer you advice that you would not have thought of yourself, despite your overall experience in planning. We get constant updates on our to do lists and deadlines and can adjust things accordingly while keeping your overall vision for your wedding. She dealt with all our vendors promptly and professionally to the point where my wife and I barely had to lift a finger. What's more is that they are familiar with Chinese weddings and traditions, which made organizing door games/tea ceremony very easy. I highly HIGHLY recommend Fleur Weddings to all of my friends, family, strangers, and my next wedding, if applicable. 1

  • (Translated by Google) Because she had to leave the family the next day after the marriage, he never had a chance to calm down and write a review for Fleur. But it is precisely because they brought me a worry-free experience, whether before marriage, on the day of the wedding, or after the marriage. We can set off on the second day so that we can rest assured. Because I have already had a wedding party in China, I feel more deeply about Fleur's service.

    First of all, in the initial stage, we had many communication meetings with Fleur's team. We exchanged our stories, communicated our expectations for the wedding, and inspired many ideas in the process. For many of our unconstrained ideas, Fleur's team is very patient and helps us present our ideas in the most appropriate way. This point I am very grateful and deeply felt the significance of their participation in the wedding and custom wedding. At the same time, because we live in Waterloo, the distance does not cause much inconvenience to our wedding. Communication through WeChat and other media is also smooth. In the face of the need for interviews, Jennifer and Flora are very considerate of us and try to help us narrow down the need to drive us back and forth.

    Before the wedding, due to our preparation for domestic weddings in China, the time difference and limited energy cause us to be unable to devote much energy to this wedding. But Jennifer is very considerate of our frequent Canada late in the evening and responded to our questions in a timely manner and completed many things we could not do for us to ensure a smooth wedding surprise.

    The staff on site at the wedding helped us to coordinate the coordination with the photographic and photography cameras very well. We also helped us to pay attention to helping parents who do not understand English to explain and translate so that they would not feel at a loss and let us do the wedding day. It is easy to enjoy the whole process, and you don't have to worry about other accidents, and you don't have to spend energy to take care of the best bridesmaids and take care of time allocation issues such as photography. After marriage, they also helped us to close everything up to the two boxes brought in advance. Because it was really easy for us to drive ourselves back to Waterloo from Burlington for more than one hour. We didn't spend much energy from the preparation to the end of the entire wedding. But the whole process was very enjoyable and the results were very gratifying. The process layout of the wedding day was also highly praised by parents, relatives and friends, and we were very proud and happy. So thank you very much for everything that Fleur's team did for us.

    Perhaps you are looking at review now hesitated should not find a planner, I will tell you that you should find one, since the wedding is a thing that should enjoy and feel happy, then looking for a planner will make you the whole process becomes very Worry-free, and keep your sense of participation. If you are considering which planner to look for, I would recommend that you look for Fleur. After all, you can see their works on the website. I don’t want to elaborate on how beautiful the wedding is, but I hope that the above text can help you understand their services. , also very much hope that this professional all fairies team can help more beautiful brides and grooms to achieve their dreams of the United States and the United States wedding ~





    婚礼时on site的工作人员帮我们非常好的协调了与venue,摄影摄像之间的协调工作,也帮我们留意关心帮不懂英语的父母进行讲解翻译让他们不感到无所适从,让我们婚礼当天可以轻轻松松的只是享受整个过程,不用担心其他的意外也不用花精力来照顾伴郎伴娘,顾及摄影摄像等的时间分配问题。婚后他们也将所有东西都帮我们收好到两个提前带来的箱子里。因为真的很轻松我们婚后还自己开了一个多小时车从burlington回滑铁卢。整个婚礼从筹备到最后的结束,我们并没有花太多的精力但是整个过程是很享受的而且成果是非常喜人的。婚礼当天的流程布置也是收到了父母亲戚朋友的高度评价的,让我们感到很骄傲和开心。所以非常感谢Fleur整个团队为我们所做的一切。


  • (Translated by Google) The wedding has only been drawing a pen for the past week. It is always thinking about where this review will begin. I knew Flora from the days of the student community, so I knew Flora's style and personality. It can be said that I was aware that I was going to get married, and even before I knew my husband, I decided that I would like to invite Fleur as my wedding planner. The effect of the wedding also confirms my decision.

    In addition to Flora and Erin, we are especially grateful to our mastermind Jennifer. From the beginning of our signing with Fleur to the wedding day, which lasted two years and three months, the middle has undergone changes in time, changed planning, changed the flow, changed the details. and many more. Especially because I am sent abroad because of work assignments, I have to postpone the definitive period of marriage beyond the limit, and in the case of no way to determine the future direction, it is Jennifer who has helped us and the various parties with unlimited patience to help us. The money did not allow the deposit fee, but also helped us contact the various vendors to redesign and arrange the timeline.

    There were also emergencies on the wedding day, including the discovery of wedding dresses and wedding shoes falling on limo after arriving at the wedding scene. It was the whole team at Fleur's site who comforted me with anxious feelings and helped me chase and get back, making the wedding punctuality begin.

    The last thing I want to talk about is the design of the entire field. It rained all day, so it was always worried about Spencer's effect. I saw the whole game when I walked in with my dad's hand and opened the door. It was amazing and it wiped out the haze I had seen all day. The advice I want to give to the newcomers behind me is that when you don’t trust your aesthetic, it’s absolutely wrong to believe in Fleur’s vision!






  • Great planners! Had a wonderful experience with them. They not only provided top quality professional services, but were able to cater a lot of things to us. My wife decided to choose a wedding planner but I was glad that we had them in the end. The planners were prompt for questions and had a solution for every problem. They took care everything and I really enjoyed the wedding day. Most amazing wedding experience ever. Thank you Jennifer!

  • (Translated by Google) From the first day, Fleur's service is the best. Our planner Angel has been very intimate to remind us of every arrangement, especially we only spend a few weeks on the venue, she is accompanied every weekend. We looked at the venues, especially fortunately, after the selection of cakes, scheduled itinerary, choice of hotels, games arrangement, all aspects of the guests' gifts were done in a special place. As a bridegroom, many arrangements were unclear and unknown, but I feel sorry for them when I am there. I'm sorry to thank them because I'm often lazy. I didn't do many choices until the last day. They all helped me to do my homework well in advance. On the day of the wedding, she always stayed with us and witnessed the new life. Start. Fleur is our best choice, but also your best choice ^_^


    从第一天开始,fleur 的服务就是最好的,我们的planner Angel 一直很贴心的提醒我们每一个安排,特别我们单在选场地上就花了好几周的时间,她每个周末都陪着我们看场地,特别幸苦,之后的选蛋糕,定行程,选择酒店,安排游戏,客人回礼的方方面面都做得特别到位,做为一名新郎,对很多安排多不清楚,也不了解,但有他们在,就特别放心,抱歉也感谢她们,因为我常常偷懒,直到最后一天才做很多选择,她们都帮我提前做好了功课,婚礼当天更是一直全程陪我们,见证了新人生的开始。Fleur是我们最好的选择,也会是你们最好的选择^_^

  • (Translated by Google) In the twinkling of an eye, a dream wedding has already passed two weeks. Even now, whether it's seeing pictures of the day or video can be instantly brought into the atmosphere of the day, it's so sweet. I think this is the magic of Fleur Weddings. I also deeply remember that Flora was the first time we met a very good friend. We were the bridesmaids and bridesmaids who were the bridesmaids alone. At the time, Flora was still alone. All wedding procedures and small and small things were handled. I also only heard her telling the bride not to worry about me. This is why when we started preparing for the wedding, we didn’t think about finding Fleur Weddings directly, because the phrase “don't worry, let me handle it!” continues to be our most lovable little marriage partner, Rose, when rehearsal. In a word, when something happens to come to me the same day, do not bother the bride, I must say that this may be more useful than the groom's vow on the wedding day. I really hope that I can thank Rose and Angel for taking care of me and Mike in the day. I heard that the wedding is actually a very hard day, but because you two of us enjoy the whole process. I really feel that I'm involved in a party that we do for ourselves. We must go back to Flora again. I am a person with many ideas but limited ability to express. I really let Flora eat a lot at the mock up time. Bitterness... At last it was hard to squeeze out what I wanted was the idea of a greenhouse garden, but because of the flowers, I didn't dare to hold too much expectation on the decor because of various factors. On the wedding day, Flora didn't say anything, but I could see a slight feeling of tension on her face. She wanted to take me to see the decor. When the door opened, all the ideas that you had in the past six months were all organized and presented to you one by one. In front of me, I can only turn to look at her and say: This is what I want! Thank you, Flora, for helping me to accomplish what I want in my ideals and reality. Thank you, let us feel that your original intentions have not changed, the same is the original that did everything to ensure that the wedding day is perfect! Finally, thanks to all the Fleur Weddings working partners who were there for the day to help you, because you guys, our marriage has the perfect beginning. It will always be happy! So, planning weddings: Fleur Weddings!


    轉眼間,夢一般的婚禮已經過去2個星期了。即使到了現在,不論是看到當天的照片或者是video 都能瞬間被帶入當天的氛圍,那麼甜那麼完美。我想這就是Fleur Weddings 的魔力吧。我還深刻記得第一次見到Flora是在我們非常要好的朋友婚禮上,我們個別是婚禮的伴郎伴娘,當時還是孤軍奮戰的Flora, 一切婚禮流程和大小瑣碎事物都處理的不疾不徐,遇到突發狀況我也只聽到她告訴新娘不要擔心我來處理。這也是為什麼我們開始籌備婚禮的時候,沒有考慮直接找上Fleur Weddings, 就因為一句,「不用擔心,我來處理!」這個精神,也延續到了我們最可愛的小婚顧Rose 身上,rehearsal 時的一句,當天有事都來找我,不要去煩新娘,我必須得說這在婚禮當天可能比新郎的vow 還管用???? 我真的希望能好好謝謝Rose 和Angel 當天把我跟Mike 照顧的無微不至,常聽說婚禮其實是很辛苦的一天,但因為你們我們兩個非常享受整個過程。真的覺得參與到了我們為自己辦的一個Party ♥️ 再來,必須得要再繞回Flora,我是一個想法很多卻表達能力有限的人,真的讓Flora 在mock up 的時候吃了不少苦頭...最後硬是擠出我要的是溫室花園的想法後,但因為花材,因為各種的因素我再也不敢對decor 抱著太多期望。婚禮當天,Flora 沒說,但我看得出她臉上一絲絲緊張的感覺,要帶我去看decor ,門開啟的時候,那種你過去半年來的所有想法所有構圖,一一呈現在你眼前時,我只能轉頭看著她說:這就是我要的!謝謝你,Flora, 幫我在理想和現實中,盡最大的力量去完成我想要的樣子。謝謝你,讓我們感受到你的初衷沒變,一樣是當初那個盡一切努力都一定要讓婚禮當天完美的堅持!最後,謝謝當天在場幫忙的所有Fleur Weddings 的工作夥伴,辛苦你們了,因為你們,我們的婚姻有了最完美的開頭..也會一直幸福著!所以,策劃婚禮..Fleur Weddings! 值得擁有♥️

  • (Translated by Google) The wedding day is like the next day (it seems to be yesterday). My husband specifically told me to write Review as soon as possible, to write a bit better. (Usually, he was not involved in the kind of ambition.) After we started planning to get married, we had seen several Venues. We were not very satisfied. Having attended several other people's weddings, I always felt that I did not want to. I did a lot of homework and I accidentally found Fleur Weddings. Every photo was taken carefully and it was too beautiful to contact customer service. When she was with Flora Initial Meeting, she was very professional to help us prepare a list. I was afraid that our Budget was not enough. Flora said that there was no problem and we set it down.

    From August to May, each step went very smoothly. The Rose Fairy always helped me very patiently. Because his dream is to start from home, the ceremony is in the church, dinner in the hotel, more toss. The bridesmaids and groomsmen all need to change outfits (and a bridesmaids are also replaced at a certain point). I am also a relatively loving person. I go through many details at each step. Best Man temporarily did not come because of visa reasons. The Rose Little Fairy also helped us to change the process at the last minute. Including Stationary and menu, because the guests have been changing until the last few days to confirm. The most talked about with Rose that day was: "Pro-resistant. It's too embarrassing. Can you add another person?"

    What I learned about Décor was particularly shallow. I only knew that I wanted a bit of Classy Art, a fresh, light color, white orchid, and the bridesmaid dress was light purple and light green. Specifically, I couldn’t say anything else, but I’m pretty sure that I don’t like the kind of glittering and noble spirits, or tender pink powder princesses, or small fresh green grass, or a lot of goodies like red and green. Popular theme. Flora carefully wrote down. Since the orchids are particularly expensive, the Fleur team has also specially "changed out" two bowls of white orchids that are particularly realistic! Save too much money! I was excited to see death! The day before the wedding, Flora also came to us to help us improve décor. Church and Venu venues are actually very heavy in their own style. I have always been worried that Décor cannot fit in. But on the day of the wedding, the church and Venue are particularly beautiful on the other side! Décor and venue match perfect! I would like to say to anyone who is still struggling to spend money on the Wedding Planner. Fleur's money in Venue is enough for us to cover! Even my husband said the value of this money! My relatives and friends all said that it was too unexpected to have participated in such a perfect wedding! We can follow Rose to run! Rose Little Fairy's big bag full of groaning day, also helped the camera to light up, scolded my dog and catch the pigeon's important task! I feel particularly embarrassed and too hard! People are only a young girl! It is definitely a small princess loved by family and friends. In these few months, I feel that Rose is not only my wedding planner, but also my close friend. According to my understanding, the guests on the wedding day must have had some accidents. The Fleur team did not let us feel them at all. Sincerely thank the Fleur team!


    结婚当天仿如隔日(好像就是昨日)一切顺利的不敢想象。我老公特地叮嘱我要尽快写Review,要写好一点。(平时他属于啥都不咋上心那种)我们开始计划结婚后,自己看过几家Venue, 都不是很满意。参加了几次别人的婚礼,总觉得不是自己想要的。我做了很多功课,偶然查到了Fleur Weddings, 每一张照片都仔细看了一遍,感觉太美了就联系了客服。跟Flora Initial Meeting时,她非常专业的帮我们准备了一个list, 我本来很怕我们Budget不够,Flora确定的说没有问题,我们就定了下来。

    从8月份到5月份,每一步都进行的非常的顺利, Rose小仙女总是很耐心的帮助我。因为自己的梦想是从家出发,仪式在教堂,晚宴在酒店,比较折腾。伴娘和伴郎都需要换装,(某环节还换了一个伴娘)我又是一个相对爱瞎操心的人,每一步都go through 了很多details。Best Man因为签证原因临时没来,Rose小仙女也在最后一刻反复帮助我们改流程。包括Stationary和menu, 因为宾客一直在改动,直到最后几天才确认下来。那几天跟Rose说的最多的话就是:“亲耐的。。实在太不好意思了,可以再加x个人吗?”

    我对Décor了解的特别浅薄,只知道想要有点Classy文艺小清新,淡淡颜色,白色兰花,伴娘裙是淡紫和淡绿。具体我也说不出别的什么来, 但是我很确定我不喜欢那种很金光闪闪豪气冲天,或者嫩嫩的粉粉白白小公主,或者绿草地小清新,或者红彤彤大吉大利等好几个比较流行的theme。Flora都仔细的记下来。由于兰花特别贵,Fleur团队还特地“变出了”特别逼真的两盆白色兰花出来!省了太多钱!我看到后都激动死了!婚礼前一天,Flora还特地来见我们帮我们改进décor。教堂和Venu场地其实自带的风格很重,我一直很担心Décor不能很好地fit in。 但是婚礼当天,教堂和Venue那边都特别的美!Décor和场地搭配的完美! 我想对还在纠结要不要花钱请Wedding Planner的人说,Fleur 在Venue这一项替我们省下的钱就够cover了!连我老公都说这个钱花的值!我亲人朋友们都说,太意外了,没参加过这么完美的婚礼!我们跟着Rose跑就可以!Rose小仙女当天满满的大包小包扛着拎着,还帮着摄影摄像打光,哄我家狗狗还有赶鸽子的重要任务!我都觉得特别不好意思太辛苦了!人家也仅是一个年轻的小姑娘呀!平时也肯定是被家人朋友宠爱的小公主呀。这么几个月下来,我觉得Rose不仅仅是我的婚礼策划,更是我贴心的朋友。以我的了解,婚礼当天宾客那边一定多多少少出了一些意外,Fleur 团队完全没有让我们感受到。由衷的非常感谢Fleur团队!

  • Translated by Google) September 6 wedding has been more than a month, forgive me until the wedding photo to write this review, as an engineering male, or like to find enough evidence to support my point of view. Why this review by me to write it, because in this wedding, the real sense of being only me, the groom. From the beginning to the end of the whole wedding down, my only contribution to the idea of only a "pumpkin car", the rest of the wedding design arrangements are made by my wife and Fleur Wedding.

    As a straight male, I can say from birth to the present, never to fantasy their wedding, for me to marry is the responsibility and commitment. However, after this wedding, my thoughts change, let me realize that a wedding dedicated to their own life will leave a beautiful or perhaps I have no great achievements can be shared to my descendants, but there is only a section only My love story can be shared with you.

    In front of too much bedding, let us straight cut the theme of it. The first time I saw Flora felt she was very approachable, and let me decide to choose Fleur Wedding is her professional team with her self-confidence, whether it is our Erin and Flora, or their assistant, understand and BD is very careful and can be independent of the individual. We contracted with Fleur Wedding a year ago, and for almost a year, my wife was basically free to understand the various wedding details: Monogram, Cake Topper, Invitation Card, Signing Board and so on, and she has an omnipotent circle of friends, basically she can not find a solution to this problem. Wrote here, I suddenly found that my wife can also go to the

    planning of the wedding. The The The The The Thought, although his wife is very hard, but a person's ability is always limited, but also do not want my wife too hard, so looking planner is still very necessary. The following planning process: Venue Finds Kitchener from Toronto, also passes through many vendor meetings (MC, photographer, Dessert Table, etc.), because of work reasons, they often have to schedule my week at weekday or weekends The All of these plans are in Flora, Erin and my wife's arrangements, an orderly completion, and I just sit back and enjoy (ashamed to shame).

    Here to remind you newcomers, there are any questions on the Wedding, we must ask planner, the beginning we do not want to jump first dance, do not want to write personal vow, but these do not want to do things are moved by them one by one to practice, and finally Leaving a lot of good memories, the most important thing is the day of the wedding matters to help us share a lot. Whether it is on the schedule, or on-site staff with, do not need any of our worry. Photo ultra-beautiful ultra-handsome, the venue layout than their imagination but also the United States, MC that day is also funny yet dignified, but can help us urge the photography soon as a film? A little too late ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ TvT ~~~~~~~

    The last thing you want to say is: "Choose Fleur Wedding, you will not regret it."

    (If there is any missing my wife will add)


    9月6日的婚礼已经过去1个多月了,原谅我等到wedding photo之后才写这篇review,作为一个工科男,还是喜欢找到足够的证据来支持我的观点。为什么这篇review由我来写呢,因为在这场婚礼上,真正意义上被服务的只有我,新郎。从头到尾整场婚礼下来,我唯一贡献的想法就只有一辆 “南瓜车“,其余的婚礼设计安排都是由我的老婆和Fleur Wedding进行。


    前面铺垫太多,让我们直切主题吧。第一次见到Flora就感觉到她很平易近人,而让我下定决心选择Fleur Wedding的是她专业的团队与她的自信心,无论是我们的Erin和Flora, 还是她们的助理,懂懂懂和BD都是很细心且能独当一面的个体。我们大约是在一年前跟Fleur Wedding签合同的,在这将近一年的时间里,我老婆基本上一有空闲就会去了解各种各样的婚礼细节:Monogram,Cake Topper,Invitation Card,Signing Board等等,而且她有一个无所不能的朋友圈,基本上她不懂问题都能在这找到解决方法。写到这里,我忽然发现,原来我老婆也可以去策划婚礼了。。。。。。想了想,虽然老婆很努力,但是一个人能力始终有限,同时也不希望我老婆太辛苦,所以找planner还是很有必要的。接下来的策划过程:Venue从Toronto找到Kitchener,也经过了很多vendor的meeting(MC, photographer, Dessert Table等等),因为工作的原因,常常她们要将就我的时间安排在weekday的晚上或周末。这些策划的种种都在Flora, Erin和我老婆的安排下,一件件有序的完成,而我只是在坐享其成(惭愧惭愧)。

    在这里想提醒各位新人,有任何关于Wedding的问题,一定要问planner,一开始的我们不想要跳first dance,不想写personal vow,然而这些不想做的事情都被她们一一打动去实行,最后留下了很多美好的回忆,最重要一点的是婚礼当天的事宜帮我们分担了很多。无论是时间表上的安排,还是现场工作人员的配合,都不需要我们任何的操心。相片超美超帅的,场地布置得比自己想象的还要美,MC当晚也风趣而不失庄重,只是可以帮我们催催摄影早点出片吗?有点等不及了~~~~~TvT~~~~~~~

    最后想说的一句话是:“选择了Fleur Wedding,你不会后悔。”

    ( 如果有任何遗漏 我老婆会补充)

  • (Translated by Google) Wedding a few days later, I was in an ignorant state. It seems to do a dream, but everything yet so real. Flora is not accustomed to the daily update, not accustomed to Erin reminder homework.

    Flora is first met in February, I first see the planner, the only one. Fat have asked me why I do not shop around and see, I said to some one I believe is not easy to find since it is not necessary to waste time. Life people once an important moment, we must pay a one that makes me feel at ease people.

    I'm not a requirement of many brides, but it is a demanding bride, but Fleur did not let us down before. We say demands, they will remember only once, and will apply to other similar situation. Like this save a lot of back and forth in time. I can not estimate how many brides like me, at the same time planning a destination wedding nearly 60 people, and his own examination of the certificate exam, but also the way l had a job.

    Destination wedding challenge is that it has many unknowns. Unfamiliar venue, never worked vendor - 24 hours notice before the wedding, the venue can not want to change! We found two hours before the wedding arch flowers missed half did not shipped over! But Flora and Erin spent the least time use only the resources of all the arrangements in place, at least, none of the guests found out that the wedding took place behind so many things.

    Forgive me, I do not want what happened between us one by one to write it down, because I'm afraid I can not help but cry. Thank you for the lovely Athena, Erin intimate and always reassuring Flora.

    "You are Toronto's top planners, we will meet again!"


    婚礼过去了几天了,我还是处于一个懵懂的状态。好像做了一场梦,但一切却又那么真实。不习惯没有Flora的daily update,不习惯没有Erin的提醒交作业。

    初识Flora是在二月份,我第一个见的planner,也是唯一一个。胖子有问过我,为什么我不shop around看看,我说遇到一个让我相信的并不容易,既然找到了就不必浪费时间。一生人一次的重要时刻,一定要交个一个让我安心的人。 我不是一个要求很多的新娘,却是一个要求很高的新娘,但是Fleur没有让我们失望过。我们说的要求,只需要一次她们就会记住,而且会apply到别的相类似situation。这样子省了很多back and forth的时间。估计没多少个新娘可以像我一样,在筹划一个将近60人的destination wedding的同时,把自己该考的资格证考了还顺便升了个职。

    Destination wedding的挑战在于它有许多未知数。不熟悉的venue,从没合作过的vendor -- 婚礼前24小时通知我们,场地不能用要换!婚礼前两小时发现arch的花漏了一半没运过来!可是Flora和Erin用了最少的时间利用仅有的资源把一切安排妥当,起码没有一个宾客发现原来这个婚礼背后发生了这么多事情。


    “你们是多伦多的top planners,我们一定会再见的!”