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  • Wedding planning can be very stressful, we knew in the beginning we would want to hire a wedding planner. We interviewed with multiple wedding planners and ultimately Fleur Weddings sold us (our first initial meeting was 4 hours!). What stood out to us the most in the initial meeting was their attention to details and their designs

    From the beginning to end, Rose was a total gem. She is the sweetest and super hardworking, she answered all of our questions in a timely matter and addressed any concerns we had.

    Flora is so talented in her designs that I trusted her completely (which isn’t easy for me being a control freak Virgo The way our wedding turned out was amazing, all of our guests loved it. We gave Fleur Weddings a budget and they totally managed to stay within in it!

    The day of our wedding everything went so smooth, the entire team were so professional and helpful. My bridesmaids barely did anything because the Fleur girls were so helpful and amazing!

    We can’t thank Rose and the entire Fleur Wedding team enough, they were worth every single penny! Everyone always asked me how I stayed so calm during the whole wedding planning process and I always tell them my planner is handling it. If you want to have a beautiful and stress free wedding, these girls are it!

  • 亲爱的Fleur 团队,


    让我来从最开始的故事写起。第一次见到Erin 是在多年前好友婚礼上,当时作为主伴娘的我就觉得这个女孩儿有点儿认真也有点儿“凶凶的”。但后来可能是火象星座的气场相合作为开始,被Erin 全程认真负责的态度吸引开始了后来的缘分。Erin 是个执行力非常强的姑娘,有什么很难想象一个大眼萌妹加上酒窝的甜甜女孩儿能有这么大的能量,但是Erin 做到了。

    5年多以来,我认真读过了Erin 和Fleur 团队在社交媒体上做的每一场婚礼,来自新郎新娘们的每一封回信。你们一直这么好。


    Floral, 在这次合作之前你一直是我印象里鲜花背后的女人,你认真理解每一位新娘的风格和需求,让每一个设计都是那独一无二的一份儿。 天生艺术细胞不太强的我和你沟通毫无压力,我好像一直忘了跟你说你的声音很好听。谢谢你和décor 团队们的精心设计,现场效果我的家人和我都很满意。


    因为喜欢Erin 所以选择了Fleur, 因为喜欢Floral 的设计品味更加坚定了自己的选择。谢谢你们给了我的家人、朋友和宾客们一个完美的婚礼。


  • The Fleur team has redefined the term of wedding planning. Our wedding was delayed by 2 years due to the pandemic, but our planner Candy transformed the stressful situation into such an enjoyable experience for us.

    From vendor selcetion to decoration design, she was always by our side, giving us lots of ideas and suggestions. She always responded to our questions promptly and provided us satisfactory solutions. We also want to give a big thank you to our designer Jennifer, who helped us set up such gorgeous decors. Jennifer really understood and delivered what we liked and the final decors were beyond our imagination. Whenever we had questions on the pricing she was always so patient to explain and help us look for ways to fit everything into the budget.

    On the wedding day, the entire Fleur team was so thorough and took care of literally every detail so we could just relax and enjoy our big day. We received countless compliments on how beautiful the setups were and all of our photos and videos turned out stunning. We couldn't give enough compliments for Fleur's work, and would definitely recommend them to anyone!

  • We started planning our wedding with Fleur weddings team in 2021. Our planners were Erin and May, and Flora was our decor designer. My wife and I wanted a small, intimate, romantic wedding surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Our exact words were, we wanted a lake, mountains, cliffs, forests, camp fire, and a starry sky. Oh boy did Fleur deliver on that.

    For us, venue selection was the most critical decision. We love nature, and immediately shot down all locations in southern Ontario. A destination wedding in the Canadian rockies became our top choice, and we are extremely thankful that Erin helped us find Emerald Lake Lodge. It is breathtakingly beautiful, it had everything, I couldn't image a better spot for us.

    Once venue was finalized, everything else just kind of fell in place. Fleur guided us through all the tasks over the past year, helped us find and secure all the vendors, Flora nailed the decor, she even did a site visit in April. My wife and I are both busy working, we like to procrastinate on other stuff at times, Fleur really made it easy for us.

    On the wedding day, there were a few minor issues with some vendors, Fleur took care of everything for us, we didn't have to worry about a single thing. The wedding went smoothly, it was as beautiful as we could hope for, while being within budget.

    Organizing a destination wedding in the middle of the rocky mountains in summer of 2022 is no easy task. We'd like to thank Erin, May, and Flora for helping us organize the wedding we wanted. It was money very well spent.

  • Fleur Wedding is simply outstanding! I don't leave 5 star reviews often but this is the case I wish I can give them a 7 star. I can't imagine how we can pull off such a successful wedding without Fleur Wedding. Jennifer is the best possible wedding planner that helped us organizing everything. Flora designed the decorations beyond our dream from our simple concepts and requirements. Everyone else we interacted with at Fleur wedding are all very helpful, detail oriented, and delivered their service at highest standard.

    Planning a wedding is stressful and burdensome, from venue, photos, video, decor, catering, make up, cake, MC, DJ, etc. too many things to plan and anything can go wrong. But Fleur Wedding removes all that stress from us and simply let us plan our wedding with least possible effort. All their vendor recommendations are simple, straightforward, yet satisfy our need with acceptable prices. They simply know our requirements and taste so they didn't throw too many options at us. Instead, we only have to choose between the final two or three vendors that best matches our requirement.

    Fleur wedding also go above and beyond for everything that's open for design and imagination. From greeting cards to venue decor, they spare no time and effort to come up with unique and creative design that can WOW us. Leave the design to them and they always overdeliver!

    On the wedding day, Fleur Wedding truly remove all the stress from us the bride and groom, takes care of every little detail and let us enjoy the best day in our lives. Thanks again to the entire Fleur team, especially Jennifer, Flora, Erin and all the staff present on that day!

  • Me and my husband decide to get married during the pandemic which is very stressful. Choosing Fleur to be my wedding planner is the best decision we have made during the wedding planning. The Fleur wedding team is very professional, and detail-oriented and can stay organized when there are changes constantly. We were thinking about having the wedding in 2021 but due to COVID, we have to reschedule for 2022. We also decided to change our wedding colour palette from neutral to pink & blue. Fleur and the team made it happen. Erin is always online, trying to solve my problems, reminding me to prepare stuff for the wedding and comforting me when I am stressed. Fleur was so talented and able to make the vision come true. The rest of the team worked until my wedding is done, they stay in the venue helping me tidy up everything which is lifesaving for me cause I was exhausted by the wedding.

    TBH, I didn’t expect too much from the wedding, all I want is for the wedding to be the end and we can go back to our daily life. But on the wedding day, the whole setup just blow my mind. Fleur use the flower called Babybreath and color coated in to two different color. She was be able to utilize the Hotel X setting in to maximum. The flower, the rentals, everything single detail is perfect. Erin is always there, and the team is trying their best to take care of me. They even found out I was thirsty before I even realized it. The water bottle even comes with a straw, so it prevents my lipstick to be ruined by the bottle. The whole wedding was really smooth, and the scene was way better than I thought. After the wedding, I recommend Fleur team to every couple that haven’t have a wedding yet. They are 1000% trust worthy and professional! Especially if you are a working couples that work 12 hours a day like us, Fleur is you best bet. Because all you need to do is to show up for some short meetings, provide them with a Pinterest board, then Fleur will make all your dreams come true!

  • Fleur was the best team to work with for our wedding and we have only appreciation and gratitude for these wonderful ladies (we can't say enough "thank you!"). We are a simple couple with busy work schedules. The ladies took over from day one and they really listened to figure out what we wanted. From developing our wedding theme amd design, to executing the event and managing our special day, to being that friend to speak with, they hit the nail on the head 100%. It was one of the best days of our lives and a perfect beginning to our new journey. Our friends describe it as the cutest wedding ever and only had wonderful things to say about our wedding, and that is despite the two of us being procrastinators and being the bottleneck to some action items! We could write pages and pages about their professionalism, caring attitude, perfect execution, attention to detail, and calmness to face all possible issues, but we think it is evident with hundreds of five star reviews that all of the couples they worked with feel the same way. If you ever hesitate, just speak to them and they will show you in 10 minutes why there is no better option. We love the team, and would not hesitate to recommend them.

  • 一晃 认识Fleur 两年了,从2020年决定把婚礼交给Fleur,我们就从来没有后悔过,每一次见面meeting都让我们感叹一次 找了Fleur Planning是多么明智的选择!Fleur的专业程度就不用说了,为每一对新人制定个性化设计,事无巨细,在背后默默的做了很多的付出,只为了给我们完美的一天。

    说说Fleur对我生活上的帮助吧,对!Fleur不仅帮助婚礼 还尽所能的帮助新人的一切需求。Flora给我推荐了移民中介!非常靠谱 顺利帮我办下了PR,Erin推荐了专业按摩治疗师,现在也成了我们非常好的朋友。我的策划师,Candy就不用说了 帮我找淘宝转运,为我出谋划策,细心到提醒我婚礼上要带的一切物品。


    婚礼当天我都找不到Candy 她一直在跑来跑去,眼睛却一直看着我,就像姐姐看着妹妹一样。我从心底里感谢她,也真的很感动,真心希望我们可以保持联系,做彼此的支持!

    詹詹Jennifer也是幕后大功臣,深藏功与名!见面不多,但那么美的婚礼现场都是她设计的,审美在线,高情商,完完全全get了我们的喜好。我婚礼当天在屋里拍照 向外一看 那么美的花铺满在草地上,我一瞬间不知道自己在哪里,宛如童话世界!粉粉紫紫的 真的觉得自己是公主。婚礼当天还认识了Mia,她突然跑过来给我拿吸管喂水!我真觉得自己被宠上天了!感谢Fleur!Mark my words,Fleur一定会越做越大,越做越好,因为你们对每一位新人的爱,是超越本职工作的,是真心为了别人好的态度,一定会成功的。

    婚礼当天,有一个瞬间,我环顾四周,看着那么美的场地,大家开心的笑脸,我就想这是我参加过最好的婚礼,而且 竟然是我自己的婚礼 谢谢Candy,谢谢Fleur,让我们的婚礼那么圆满。

  • I can safely say with confidence that Fleur Weddings made our dream a reality!

    Candy is the best wedding planner we could ever ask for, she took care of us from beginning to end, she made it her mission to make our wedding the best that it could possibly be and she definitely made it so. Flora took our ideas and created something so special and unique for us that captured exactly what we were looking for. They have so many talented partners they work with to ensure every aspect of the wedding is the best that it can possibly be. Decor, cake, food, venue, makeup, photography, everything was absolutely perfect and that comes from the amazing work Fleur Weddings do for their clients.

    The day of the wedding I of course felt nervous but as soon as I stepped foot into the venue Rose and the rest of the team were there taking care of us so I suddenly felt this overwhelming comforting feeling that everything was taken care for me and all I had to do was enjoy the best day of my life. Everywhere I looked Rose was there in case I ever needed anything and making sure everything was going perfectly.

    In the end everything turned out beautifully and looking back my wife and I cannot imagine how our wedding could have been any better. It was without a doubt like something out of a dream, and all that is thanks to Fleur Weddings.

    Thanks to Candy, Flora and Rose!

  • Thank you to the amazing team at Fleur Weddings for helping us through our entire wedding journey from start to finish. Their hard work and dedication helped make our wedding dreams come true.

    Everyone at Fleur is highly professional, thorough, meticulous and passionate about their craft. We had the pleasure of working with Jessica and Erin as our planner. Jessica fought valiantly to make sure we had the best options for vendors at the best prices. As both my husband and I are very busy with our work schedules, it was an absolute blessing to have Jessica communicate with all our vendors and keep things well organized. Flora understood my vision to have an elegant fairytale like wedding. She exceeding our expectations the day of our wedding. Even though we saw sketches, everything was absolutely breathtaking and larger in real life.

    On our wedding day, we had at least 5 members of the Fleur team come and assist us. The day was completely seamless and smooth. My husband and I were able to fully immerse ourselves to enjoy our wedding day. We absolutely recommend Fleur and they are 1000% worth it!

  • We originally hired Fleur Wedding in 2020 for our wedding in September 2021. May was our main wedding planner and Jennifer handled our décor. I cannot say how grateful we are to the team and how stress-free we are along the process and most importantly, during the day!

    Due to covid occupancy limitations we had to delay our wedding for a year. May ensured that whatever we booked were able to be delayed due to covid so we don't lose any of our deposits whatsoever. She was able to handle everything from beginning to the end. She has always been super responsive. We aren't too familiar with how everything works and May was there to guide us all the time, step by step.

    For all our needs like decor, vendors (we wanted bubble tea station and she was able to find multiple options very quickly), and certain customizations, she was always able to advise and adapt accordingly.

    Most importantly, during the day of the wedding, May and the rest of the fleur team were able to manage the time so well, and knew exactly where everything is and should be. They were able to take care of my wife so well and always making sure she is having a good time and has everything she needed. My wife was so pampered that day and there is nothing better than hearing how happy she was during the day and how perfect she felt the day went because of how well May's team has taken care of us.

    100% recommend Fleur Wedding to plan for your wedding!! It was such a great experience and we cannot be happier

  • 还记得今年1月份加的Fleur咨询婚礼策划事宜, 那时候我们没有任何婚礼的想法,连日期都没具体定下来, 但就是很坚定的信任Fleur会帮我们做出最属于我们两的婚礼. 最后定了9月的婚礼,这中间出现了突发的小状况. Victoria非常给力的帮我解决了!!!

    我们两个其实对婚礼没有太多的想法,就是想要一个简单舒服的小婚礼. 给了一个大概的方向, Candy从来没拒绝过任何的要求,都是说可以做然后再加上她的想法去让整个设计变得更特别和漂亮.出来的效果也是特别的美,温馨还有独一无二.

    对我来说,Fleur给我最重要的是省心!我们两个其实在设计和流程上没花很多的时间,中间会有点焦虑,但其实真的就是Fleur有足够的经验和能力去达到你想要的效果. 因为没经验也不了解, 领证仪式流程都会很仔细的带着我们做. 在定摄影, 化妆, 蛋糕也给了非常好的建议, 定下了很理想的团队!

    婚礼当天, 婚礼的布置真的很迅速, 准备的东西也非常的超乎我想象. 我没想到的东西他们都准备好然后都用上了! 我们两个就真的很轻松舒服的跟着流程走然后花时间跟宾客交流. Erin, Candy, Victoria 还有Tiffany真的就是非常感谢她们当天的努力用心. 现场佈置,彩排,各种安排,收拾整理都真的完美!

    再次感谢Victoria!从最开始的沟通到结束, 她真的给了我非常非常非常多的安心. 所有的提醒, 跟进,处理真的及时,有效,细致. 我真的很幸运遇到她还有这么好的团队,选择Fleur真的是最正确的决定!

  • We had our wedding this past weekend, after being postponed twice due to COVID. I was hesitant to get a planner initially but now after the fact I know that there was no way I could have pulled this off without Fleur Weddings

    We first met our planner May in 2019; rescheduling during COVID would have been stressful but May took care of all vendor communications so we didn’t have to worry about a thing. In the months leading up to the wedding, May diligently reminded us of upcoming deadlines, always responded promptly to questions, and was always happy to accommodate our requests or last-minute changes. She had also provided many valuable recommendations along the way, and when I ran into a small hiccup with my dress rental (no fault of May’s), she helped me resolve it when it wasn’t really her responsibility and I wasn’t expecting her to. She had also on various occasions proactively provided suggestions to help us save on cost (again, when I didn’t mention it and wasn’t expecting her to).

    Everything went smoothly on our wedding day. May and her colleague Jessica kept us on schedule, and made sure we and the wedding party had everything we needed so we didn’t need to worry about a thing. They also made sure our families and guests were taken good care of. So many small details could have been overlooked but the team took care of everything. Thanks to our decor planner Jennifer, our decor turned out to be exactly what I had wanted, based on a few Instagram photos I had sent over 3 years ago. We had great feedback from families and guests on how the wedding turned out, and I know it wouldn’t have been possible without May and her team at Fleur Weddings.

    Every time I thanked May, she would humbly say she was just doing her job. Any experienced wedding planner can plan a wedding, and while she did do a great job of planning ours, what we truly appreciated from this experience and what money cannot easily buy is the level of customer service and caringness we had received from May and her team. Thank you to May, Jessica, and Jennifer for making this day special for us.

  • 回顾三个月前的婚礼,我真的很感谢Fleur团队为我们创造出如此美好的回忆。因为知道5.20这个日子太抢手,所以我们早早地就在去年9月找到Fleur。先加了小客服的微信,超级nice和friendly,并且高效率地帮我们约了第一次meeting

    然后我们和Erin就在Fleur office见面了。她太太太耐心了,细细地和我们讲了婚礼流程和需要的vendors,还一起做了budget。毕竟是第一次结婚,没啥经验的我们有超多问题,但是Erin都一一解答。尽管那时候我们都还没定下,Erin毫无保留地和我们聊了2个多小时,讲的我都舍不得走了 其实去见Fleur之前我们也咨询过别的婚策团队,但是因为我们没定下来,他们很多东西都不肯细说,好像怕我们偷学…这么对比下来,Fleur的专业的态度和愉快的交流让我们马上签合同交定金

    之后就遇到我的planner小天使Rose。如果没有她,拖延症+选择困难症的我真的不知道婚礼会变成怎么样。从第一通的视频会议,我心里就在想,怎么会有声音这么甜的人 后来第一次在实地勘察场地的时候见面了,只能说人比声音更甜,相处起来很舒服!一开始选场地,Rose先了解我梦想中婚礼的样子,然后神速地列出一个excel list,上面写满了符合我要求的地点。我这个纠结症的人,啥都想要、啥都舍弃不了。没想到Rose就一一打电话发email去问availability,然后还陪我从Ajax到downtown,去了十几家可预定的场地。最后在两个酒店中纠结的时候,Rose告诉我按自己的心意来选。现在想来,真的很谢谢她坚定了我内心的想法,在King Edward Hotel的Crystal Ballroom举办了婚礼。定完场地,然后就是选择各种vendors:摄像摄影甜品主持人DJ牧师等等。Rose真的很很很负责,她帮我们约了所有的vendors,还参与全部的meetings(我老公都做不到的她还帮我去和vendors争取了很好的优惠,是个讲价小能手 这备婚的半年里,是她陪我走过那么多个场地,还笑着说没事你慢慢选不着急;是我磨磨蹭蹭的时候,她轻轻地一句我来follow up一下;是她超级organized的schedule和无比的耐心;是她说婚礼当天不会让我饿着,然后抱着她最爱的烤鸭卷还有一堆好吃送到我房间;是她说婚礼当天我啥也不用干,就负责当个美美的新娘。Rose,谢谢你的一路相陪一路相伴,让我的备婚之旅愉快又充实

    我们定好vendors之后,Fleur的审美标杆designer元老级别的Flora就出现了。第一次见面,她就能准确说出我喜欢的风格,所以那时候我就很放心,因为我知道我可以百分百地信任她了。之后就是桌花的设计,因为我想要的东西太多太多了,Flora无比宠爱我,啥都满足,结果就光荣地超出了budget。那时候我很慌,觉得都定稿了再改动会影响进度,但我还是硬着头皮和Flora聊了一下,没想到她完全不怪我,而且很理解地帮我做一些调整来减低费用。后来一直在增增减减,单单报价表就出了6版,桌花打样也有3版…每次我都觉得自己可真是个麻烦精,可Flora还是很耐心地说不怕,我们可以一直改,改到你满意。我提出一堆天马行空的想法,她都帮我在实现了。要玫瑰但完全不要绿叶,只要粉色但不能俗气,要水晶但不要太简洁,要欧式但不要太复古也不喜欢现代…这么多的要求和元素,也只有Flora能完美get到我所有的点。我就记得婚礼那天2点半我走进现场,美得我眼睛都亮了。那时候真的感到到哭,就马上就去找Flora,抱着她说我好喜欢所有的一切。现场比效果图和我脑里幻想的更让我惊喜不已。酒店人员还特地跑来告诉我,这个房间举办过很多场婚礼,多奢华多隆重的都有,但是她最喜欢我的婚礼 最后婚礼结束了宾客都散场回家,就剩下我和老公坐在head table看着现场布置不舍得回家,因为那一切真的太美好了,美好到我们不愿意醒来。谢谢Flora,不辞辛苦地一直在修改方案,在效果和费用中替我寻找平衡点。谢谢Flora,让我收到宾客们超多的赞美,婚后见面他们都还在夸婚礼布置。谢谢Flora,把我的粉色少女梦变成了现实,让我拥有了一个好多人羡慕的婚礼



  • 如果没有找到Fleur的话,我们可能都永远想象原来自己的婚礼可以这么完美!直到婚礼过去三周了,我们偶尔都还会津津乐道,找到一个合适我们,能懂我们的planner是一个多么正确的确定。

    结婚真的是一件很难的事,也是一件很难达到心目中完美效果的事。而且我们还开启了困难模式——异国备婚。起初也想着要不自己来筹备,这样可以亲力亲为达到自己满意的效果。但是异国实在是太无力,于是翻遍xhs,打了几通电话,愉快选定了Fleur作为我们的planner。要说为什么选Fleur,答案是我们在长达2个小时的initial meeting中感受到了她们的真诚,认真,和专业性。然后后续的8个月证明了我们选择正确。



    婚礼的前几天,因为我们还要远程上班,Victoria不辞辛苦的每天更新to do list,follow up,秒回各种疑问,在我们忙的一团糟的时候简直不要太给力。最终我们终于按照指示确定好所有的音乐和细节,而这些都在婚礼上展示了做这些准备是多么重要。

    婚礼当天就是一场乱仗,而且我因为例假期,又因紧张没有休息好,比较疲惫,全天基本任人摆布状态。而所有的环节还是按照一切计划没有任何纰漏。我们只需要按照指示跟着走就行。而全程我也备受照顾,没有想象中那么累,因为一直有Fleur的团队在注意我的状况,让我补充体力。起初我们并不想跳first dance,因为我们都比较内向害羞,但因为Victoria的强烈建议,我觉得这是我们做的最正确的决定!效果很好,不仅宾客喜欢,也将会是我们永远值得回味的体验。主持人,化妆师,摄影都非常专业,我们也都超满意,场地的decor,same day edit video把所有人都惊艳到了,包括我们自己。可以说如果没有Fleur的帮助,这些环节是我们都不会想到有的,也不会找到这些这么优秀的vendor,如果没有她们细心的彩排,整场婚礼更不会这么顺利。婚礼尾声的时候,Victoria给我们打包好了我们的各种行李,以及蛋糕上的装饰,和一些婚礼上的花。我们很感动,婚礼累了一天,有她们尽最大所能细心的帮助,真的最大程度减少了我们的工作,不需要忧虑任何事情。



  • We have had an amazing wedding organized by Fleur Weddings. Everything was better than expected. The venue was spectacular, the guests were all amazed by how beautiful the whole wedding was. it was well organized from the get-go. Every little detail was thought about and well put together. We were given so many good options when it comes to vendors, and they walked us through everything with great patience. Everything was made so easy for us. Fleur wedding is a team full of love. They really cared about us and we could truly feel it. Sometimes, it felt like they cared about every single detail of our wedding more than we did, lol. It was an unforgettable experience for Vivian and me. And we highly recommend Fleur Wedding to all who are looking to get married. Give them a call, they'll give you a wedding beyond your expectations.

  • Had Flora and Erin as our wedding designer and planner and they did an unbelievable job. The decor was beautiful and fabulous and the whole event was well organized and the wedding day was hustle free and a blast. All of our family and guests had a great time and my wife and I had the most memorable day in our life. Moreover they took care of everything from the moment we had the initial meeting. Every step along the whole process was scheduled well in advance and in timely fashion, we were very involved but didn’t need to worry about any of the chores. Let Fleur handle your wedding and I guarantee that you will not regret!

  • Trust me, the best decision I have ever made (except for finding my husband) was having Fleur as my wedding planner. They have taken everything, I mean literally everything about my wedding. From coordinating vendors, to things to purchase, to every expense and payment, including who will do speech, where to stand and sit.

    I know from my past experience that to coordinate an event already takes so much time and effort, not mention an 8-hr wedding. I have to thank Jennifer, my wedding planner. Every time when I forgot something or not sure about anything, I buzz her for answer. And every time, she replied with the perfect answer that tells me the next five steps. Oh, and she replies in mid-nights! Can you imagine after a full work day and getting home late, she still replies my message???? That is my Jennifer, so responsible and reliable.

    Also Flora, who is like the chief, that you know someone is always there if things fall apart, which we didn't at all lol. Rose and other team members in Fleur, I may not know all of your names, but I owe a big thank you to you all and I have to explain the story behind:

    On my wedding day, not surprisingly it rained. Luckily we already had the photo taken outside, but it rained so heavily that Jennifer and Rose had to ask me if I am ready for plan B, which was having the ceremony inside the chapel. I really appreciate their gentleness because they know how much I love the garden but I agreed to have the ceremony inside.

    So while I was having my makeup and wedding gown ready, I saw those girls, who are about the same age as me, and probably the princess at home, were carrying the decorations in both their hands in that pouring rain. No umbrella at all. They were all wet when all the decor were taken inside, and set up in the chapel.

    All the family, friends and guest said the wedding was sweet and awesome thanks to Fleur and all the vendors.

    WITH LOVE, Annie & Peter ❤