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  • Fleur weddings is a responsible and accountable wedding planning team!

    They are very professional, detail oriented and all together made me and my wife have had a unforgettable wedding day.

    Thank you Fleur!

  • My wife hired Fleur Weddings to be our wedding planners, and we had a fantastic experience with them. They were very responsive, answer call and our questions quickly, and they know what they are doing. Flora was an expert in floral design, which wasn't very surprising because I could tell from her name that this lady knew a thing or two about flowers. She gave us several proposals for the decor, and walked us through every detail about both the altar and the banquet hall. She was able to give valuable advice to assist my wife to add or remove elements from the proposal.

    Erin was the event planner and helped us set the schedule of the wedding day. She outlined everything we need to buy and all the people we need to hire, which helped my wife planning the wedding. All the suggestions were reasonable.

    They also have a solid team that helped us before and on the wedding day. I am a guy that mostly says whatever to the decor, but I have to admit that our wedding was beautiful. Also, the schedule was good that our guests were very relaxed, and my wife and I weren't too stressed out, either. My wife was clueless about planning the event because this is her first time doing this, at least to my knowledge she is, and it turned out perfectly. I definitely recommend them.

  • My wife and I are both busy people working 40-60 hours per week each, and having a wedding planner certainly is a huge help to us. We would have been ripping off each other's heads if not for Fleur Weddings! Flora personally met with us to give us a good feel of what we expect from our wedding and customized it to make it more perfect. She was fantastic, and made the initial meeting detailed yet interesting. We were assigned Rose, our wedding planner, and boy is she our best friend now. The level of advice she offers is beyond what I imagined. You can feel assured that all the little details she has gotten you covered. I am confident in saying that she will offer you advice that you would not have thought of yourself, despite your overall experience in planning. We get constant updates on our to do lists and deadlines and can adjust things accordingly while keeping your overall vision for your wedding. She dealt with all our vendors promptly and professionally to the point where my wife and I barely had to lift a finger. What's more is that they are familiar with Chinese weddings and traditions, which made organizing door games/tea ceremony very easy. I highly HIGHLY recommend Fleur Weddings to all of my friends, family, strangers, and my next wedding, if applicable.

  • I admit I'm a super picky person. We visited three wedding planners and finally decided to go with the Fleur team. Not just because they are professional, but because they treat every detail in a wedding super serious. My intention of finding a wedding planner is not to help me save time or energy, it's rather to give a perfect wedding as a gift to show our appreciation of all the help and support we received from our families and friends.

    Fleur team helps us fulfilled our dream! It's been three days from the wedding our relatives and friends kept telling us they had a wonderful night and it was the best wedding they have attended.

    There are some details we hope everyone to know:

    1. Venues: I spent two weeks coming up a list of venues we like, but after visiting all of them with Erin, none of them was ideal. I was a little anxious and upset. Didn't want to compromise Erin was still very patient and kept researching the venues for us. She recommended AGO to us. It was perfect.

    2. Décor: We had three meetings to discuss the décor with Flora, since I was not sure about the design. I was amazed by how Flora was able to capture exactly what I want from my vague description, and make it even better. Her taste and professionalism are never questionable.

    3. Wedding day: Even though I added many additional activities last minute, our wedding day was so smooth. We were never late. Each employee at Fleur team was professional and proactive. I know later that there were some mistakes made by the vendors, but the Fleur team handled it perfectly. They were 120% devoted to every detail of our wedding. P.s. Thank you May for holding my wedding dress and looking after me the entire day.

    My husband said it was the best day of his life.

    Thank you sooooo much everyone! Love you all!

  • First met Flora maybe 4 years ago when my boyfriend and I were talking about getting married. Things happened and Fleur is still the choice I went with when we finally got married 4 years later. Over the years I have followed closly and watched Fleur grow into one of the best event planning companies, and their whole team has accomplished so much over the years.

    They do not disappoint.

    Tiffany followed closly with every minute detail, and working into midnight hours to secure our designs. Always super quick to respond to messages and calls, never crossed my mind that she could be busy with someone else. This is the kind of dedication and professionalism I expected from Fleur. She went above and beyond. She has a sharp mind and was always clear with dates/details/budget whenever I asked she had the right answer.

    Also thumbs up for creativity! From our logo to our place cards, she had so many fun ideas. Our logo absolutely represented who we are and everything we love. Day of the wedding went smoothly and everyone from the Fleur team was professional, punctual and just fantastic.

    Thanks for everything.

  • We just had our Chinese wedding this past weekend, and we were so lucky to have Fleur Weddings. I didn’t want a very traditional all red with a Dragon and Phoenix kind of Chinese wedding, and they did not disappoint me. They are truly a very professional team, not only follow up with every minor details, and also go above and beyond. They can almost do anything for a wedding as long as you request, they make every unique and special to every couple. I didn’t have to worry about anything for my wedding except showing up as a beautiful bride.

  • My name is Yang and I am the studio manager at SDE Weddings. We had the pleasure of working with Erin & her colleagues at Fleur wedding this year. They have hired us to provide photobooth service for several of their wedding clients this year. They made it really for us, the vendor, by providing us with all the details of the wedding way in advance and they really helped us coordinate and setup on the day of the wedding.

  • We had our wedding in 2016. Erin and flora were our planners. Although at first, I thought the price was a bit higher than my expectation, but I decided to go with them because I liked their professionalism and detailing at our initial meeting. But what can I say, they are worth it, they were over my expectations, they had so much details in every part of this planning process. They came with me to every vendor visit, they gave me so many advices to every part of the wedding, they gave me a so many helpful advices when i was deciding between the choices I had. One last thing is they have super good taste, supurb time management and super careful with details to all the decors on the big day. My advise to all of you who are planning for the big day, you won’t go wrong with flour, don’t every try to do the planning yourself, you won’t make it.

  • (Translated by Google) I still remember that more than a year ago, I just finished the venue at that time, and once I told Erin that I felt that my wedding was far away. Erin smiled sweetly. In fact, the time has passed quickly. Many times, I may not realize that I am at the wedding. I blinked, my wedding has been more than two months! My procrastination patient finally has a chance to boast Fleur.

    It takes a lot of energy to do a wedding. If I don't have Fleur to do the wedding planner, I feel that I have to rest for a year to ease it! I really admire the Fleur Team and can do so many weddings at the same time, control so many details and every wedding is so unique! I think this is probably a group of cute people who love this industry very much. Only in this way can they be so extreme.

    When I first started to contact Flora and Erin, they were very concerned about my little bit of contact with my husband, hoping to make a wedding that is unique to us. Their enthusiasm made me very moved. Fleur didn't apply your wedding to an existing template, but to do it again every time. Every time it's different people with different stories and different challenges, it's also a very interesting job to think about it!

    Flora has a pair of beautiful eyes and exudes firmness. Let you give the wedding to her with great peace of mind. In fact, Décor is the least part of my mind. My first request was that my wedding was to be "beautiful." Later, I felt that I was really owed, and went out to eat. People asked what you want to eat. You said "anyway" and you don't eat it. One truth. There are thousands of beautiful things, each person's aesthetic is different, in the end what beauty is the beauty I want. Fortunately, Flora has a high level of comprehension. In my pile of seemingly rather vague preferences, I caught the essence. The final effect is really what I want!

    Erin gave me the impression of an angel, the devil's will! Every time I saw her, she was smiling, full of enthusiasm, and very cute, but she had a vigorous and vigorous work. I still remember that she had a cold and was sick. She accompanied us to the vendor at night. She met the vendor and discussed the work. Although she was sick, she still communicated the details with rigor and seriousness. At that time, I felt that this girl was really not simple. The small body felt a huge amount of energy.

    In the process of preparing for marriage all the way, I feel that Fleur is very powerful, but I didn't expect Fleur to surprise me on the wedding day. They can be so great! When I remember Rehearsal, she said with the bridesmaid bridesmaid that "any situation on the wedding day, come to us Fleur, do not bother to the bride and groom" on the wedding day, I really did not worry about any details of the wedding process, completely Immerse yourself in the joy of the wedding! Not only that, but I was also favored as a little princess (hahaha, I’m afraid I didn’t have this opportunity in the future) Erin and Rose, who took the time, stayed with me all day. Rose is a soft-spoken girl. It doesn't feel very urgent. I originally wanted my mother-in-law to take care of me at any time. Unfortunately, she had a reception task, and the wedding was so beautiful. She is also always ecstatic, but thanks to Erin and Rose, she has always been in the shadows. When I took the picture, I would give me a shoe and a bouquet. When I put on makeup, I would give it to me. Even later, I helped me pack up the lost baggage that I lost. I can go straight to the scene after the wedding. . My parents also frequently praised their dedication.

    Do you think that Fleur's good is finished? No, I went outside and took a small assistant to accompany me, to help me drag the skirt, pick up the flowers and send water, I have not had time to know the name of the little girl.

    Thanks to everyone in the Fleur Team, because of you, my wedding is so warm and beautiful. I hope that you can get better and better!


    还记得一年多前,那个时候刚定完场地,有一次跟Erin说感觉自己的婚礼好遥远。 Erin甜甜的笑了说,其实时间过的可快了,很多时候可能没意识到就到婚礼了哦~ 一眨眼,我婚礼都过去两个多月了! 我这个拖延症患者终于有机会来好好夸一夸Fleur。

    办一场婚礼感觉能一下抽干好多年的精力,如果没有Fleur做wedding planner 我感觉我得歇息个一年才能缓过劲来! 我实在是佩服Fleur Team 竟然能同时做这么多场婚礼,把控这么多details同时每一场婚礼都那么Unique!我想这大概是一群非常热爱这个行业的可爱人儿吧,也只有这样,她们才能做到如此极致。

    我跟Flora 和Erin 刚开始接触的时候,她们都非常关心我跟老公的点点滴滴,希望能做出属于我们独一无二的婚礼。她们的热忱让我非常感动,Fleur不是把你的婚礼套用在一个既有的模板上,而是每次都是重新做一遍。 每次都是不同的人不同的故事不同的挑战,想想其实也是一份很有趣的工作呢! Flora有一双很美的眼睛,散发着坚定。让你能够很安心的把婚礼交给她。事实上Décor是我操心最少的一part。 我一开始的要求就是我的婚礼就是要”美”. 后来觉得自己真的很欠揍,就跟出去吃饭,人家问你要吃什么,你说“随便”结果这也不吃那也不吃一个道理。美有千千万,每个人的审美都不同,到底什么美才是我想要的美。好在Flora有很高的领悟力,在我一堆似是而非模糊的preference里面,抓到了精髓。 最后呈现的效果也确实是我想要的!

    Erin给我感觉有着天使的笑容,魔鬼的意志!每次见到她都是笑眯眯的,热情满满,特别可爱,但是工作起来却有一股雷厉风行的狠劲儿。还记得她感冒生着病大晚上还陪着我们去见vendor,见到vendor,讨论工作,虽然面有病态, 但依然严谨认真的沟通着细节。 当时就觉得这女生真不简单呀,小小的身躯里感觉蕴藏了巨大的能量。

    在一路备婚的过程中,我都觉得Fleur很强大,可没想到婚礼当天Fleur还能给我惊喜,原来她们可以这么棒! 还记得Rehearsal的时候,她跟伴郎伴娘说“婚礼当天任何情况,都来找我们Fleur ,不需要劳烦到新郎新娘 ”婚礼当天我真的没有为担忧任何自己婚礼的细节流程什么的,完完全全的沉浸在婚礼喜悦中!不仅如此,我还被宠成了傲娇小公主 (哈哈哈,以后怕是没这个机会了) Erin和后来接棒的Rose, 一整天陪在我身边。 Rose是个说话软软的女生,感觉不急不躁确很有条理. 本来我还想让我主板娘我的亲妹妹随时在身边照顾我,可惜她一来有接待任务,二来婚礼太美了,她也老是忘我的拍拍拍,多亏Erin还有Rose, 一直形影不离陪在身边。拍照的时候给我提鞋子拿捧花,化妆的时候给我送吃喝,甚至后来还帮我收拾了被我丢的七零八落的行李,让我可以婚礼一完就可以直奔外拍现场。我爸妈还频频夸他们敬业上心。


    谢谢Fleur Team的每一个人,因为有你们,我的婚礼才如此温暖美好。希望你们也能越来也好!

  • (Translated by Google) The wedding has ended 2 days, still dreaming. The Fleur team brought us too many surprises to help us complete a small but 100-degree wedding. Because I have been paying attention to Fleur for the past two years, every time I watched the pictures of their wedding, I was crying, so when I decided to get married and I was going to do it in Toronto, I told my husband, our wedding in Toronto. Planning can only be Fleur, no rebuttal is allowed. So when we saw the Flora initial meeting, we signed the contract on the spot, nothing to hesitate.

    Our wedding planner is the cutest Rose, too reliable. When the primaries were selected, there were some twists and turns. The venue in the first phase was missed by others, and we missed it. It was still a little sad at the time, because our time was tight, only about 2 months,

    so I was afraid that I could not get the right venue. Rose calmly told us that it doesn't matter, then continue to help us search for the venue we like. The result is that Rose helped us find the venue for the wedding, although it is more expensive than the previous one, but! It was so beautiful. On the wedding day, the guests were full of praise for the venue. Like the venue for filming, I have to say that it is worth it.

    In addition, in other respects, Rose has helped us find ways to save money, and we are more worried about it. Speaking of this, when I met Rose earlier, my husband and I will be late for various reasons. I am really embarrassed. Rose has always been patient and waiting for us. Tell us not to worry, thank you very much.

    On the wedding day, the whole process was very smooth, Rose took control all the way, in an orderly manner, jennifer helped us to set up the venue, and the small assistant candy around me was super intimate and took care of me. All day, except to get up early, haha, I have never bothered.

    Let me talk about the design of the wedding scene, really do the kind of clean, lavender style I want. When Flora showed me the mockup table flower, I already felt that the flower was very beautiful, but when I saw the scene, I felt that it was much better than the photo. Although the number of weddings is very small, I don't want to be sloppy in details and layout. Fleur is completely realized for me. After the wedding, many guests took the flowers home. The bridesmaids from the United States always wanted to bring flowers back, and they still reluctant to go to the airport. I also took a bunch of homes, and now I look at the flowers on the table at home, still feel beautiful.

    The time we prepared was tight. From the initial meeting to the wedding day, it was only over 2 months. I was already busy with the daily preparations for the day, but now I want to come. It’s still easy in the first two months. Fleur is taking care of it before helping us. Flora asked us what we thought was the most critical word for our wedding. I was talking about cleanliness and dreams. Larry was professional. My groom, Larry, tells the truth is a person who is very picky about the professionalism of others, but this time I highly agree with Fleur. It can be said that these two words are perfectly presented at our wedding. In short, I am very grateful to the Fleur Team for your wedding, thank you all.


    婚礼已经结束2天了,还是跟做梦似的。Fleur team带给我们太多惊喜,帮助我们完成了一场规模不大但100分满意的婚礼。因为前两年就有开始关注Fleur,每次看他们办的婚礼的图片都被美哭,所以当决定要结婚并且要在多伦多办的时候,我就跟我老公说好了,我们多伦多的婚礼策划只能是Fleur,不允许反驳。所以在见Flora initial meeting的时候,我们当场就签了合同,没什么好犹豫的。


    再加上,在其他方面,rose各种帮我们想办法省钱,比我们还操心。说到这里,前几次跟rose meeting的时候,我和我老公都会因为各种原因迟到,实在实在很不好意思,rose从来都是耐心的等我们,跟我们说不要急,真的非常感谢。



    我们准备的时间紧,从initial meeting到办婚礼当天只有2个多月的时间,我当时已经做好了每天忙的天昏地暗的准备,可现在想来,前两个月过的还算轻松,都是fleur在帮我们忙前忙后打理。

    当初Flora问我们,觉得我们婚礼觉得最关键的词是什么,我说的是干净和梦幻,Larry说的是专业。我的新郎Larry说实话是一个对别人的专业度很挑剔的人,但是这一次对Fleur非常认可。可以说这两个词,都完美呈现在了我们的婚礼上。 总之,非常非常感谢Fleur Team对我们婚礼的付出,谢谢你们所有人。