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  • (Translated by Google) The Chinese New Year would like to give you a surprise, as in 2015 ye last wedding couple, like in Chinese New Year to a summary of the most perfect, as a gift, the results due personal reasons, shelved, I am sorry so late and share my review.

    Flora and Erin is my husband and I first see the wedding planners, the result is the only thing we see the couple. They are the most professional attitudes and opinions, and finally the perfect wedding, but also makes us sincerely believe that we made the right decision!

    Flora and Erin is the most professional wedding planning team, who has the most quality vendors resources, as well as the most professional look and most dedicated spirit. They will participate in our every meeting with each vendor, and we will stand as a rookie perspective to the problem, to help us analyze and solve problems. They also remind the couple prepared at different times, different things, most importantly, they will notice a variety of new people will not notice the details, and always for the sake of the couple, just every game is the most perfect wedding.

    Flora and Erin is the most patient and wedding planning team, they always intolerant the trouble to reply to the fastest time in a variety of issues that we raised. I think the trouble is a bride, but they help just let me trouble zero, in preparation for the wedding this time no pressure, quietly Mimi ready to be a bride.

    Flora and Erin are the most enthusiastic wedding planning team! I remember my wedding day, due to the reason Santa Claus parade, police put the downtown early sealing of the road, Flora told me afterwards, because it is difficult to find parking spaces, Erin parked far away, and I took the welcome board come so far only to the venue. It does not belong to the scope of their services, but still Erin helped me drop off and pick up my things, and finally completely forgotten after the wedding themselves parked in the where, when one's only thinking about at the time of the wedding. This makes me very moved, their enthusiasm and their personality from their most professional spirit.

    Heartfelt thanks Flora and Erin, thank you for your hard work pay, in their dealings this time, your sincere moment touched me, we are friends Zhenxinxiangdai. Sincerely hope you can help more more newcomers to complete them over the most perfect wedding!



    Flora和Erin是我和我老公第一个见的wedding planners,结果也是我们唯一见的一对。她们最专业的态度和意见,以及最后完美的婚礼,也使得我们由衷相信,我们做了最正确的决定!



    Flora和Erin是最热心的婚礼策划团队!我记得,在我婚礼当天,由于圣诞老人游行的原因,警察早早就把downtown的路封掉了,Flora事后告诉我,由于很难找停车位,Erin把车停得很远,并拿着我的welcome board走了很久才到venue。这并不属于她们的服务范围,但是Erin依然帮我drop off 和pick up我的东西,最后婚礼结束后完全忘记自己把车停在了哪里,当时一心只惦记当时的婚礼。这令我非常感动,她们的热心源于她们的人格以及她们最专业的精神。


  • (Translated by Google) From the initial meeting with Fleur Weddings, I fully felt two words: "professional." These two words run through the entire preparation ceremony until the wedding day. Whether it is the Master Sheet prepared for our wedding from the budget table to the row table to the day, the process is very comprehensive and detailed, or their questions reveal a full understanding of the industry, I am very impressed, let us decide to push that night After falling off another wedding planner, I decided to be Fleur!

    In the process of communicating with the Fleur Team, whether it is our temporary thoughts or the communication with Vendor, Venue, the three most words we get are always: "OK", "No problem" ,"do not worry". The advantage of owning your own wedding is that you can be arrogant, and the advantage of finding a good plan is to let you have the utmost to do whatever you want. What do you want, my plan, Jenjan Jennifer, will say, OK, I will try. Then, your dreams come true. I said that I want the lake. She asked me to find four or five venues with lakes to see one by one. I said that I want my guests to eat well, she said, no problem, we have seen, the food evaluation of these venues is very good. I said that I want to enter the scene like this, she said, well, asked the venue, it is feasible! More often, I don’t know what I can tell, but they can also learn from them with rich experience.

    During the preparations for our wedding, a couple of weddings by friends were also coincidentally produced by Fleur Weddings, with a variety of styles, each with its own beauty. Looking at their circle of friends, I found that I don’t know when I started. I still have some time from my wedding. I haven’t seen my wedding scene yet, but I have blind confidence in my wedding. . (It turns out that this confidence is worth having.)

    On the wedding day, because of the strong wind and sudden cooling, the way I originally wanted to enter could not be carried out, but Zhan Zhan quickly helped me find an equally creative admission. In fact, I thought about it later, what I used on the day was better than what I originally wanted, and it might be better from the perspective of perception. Also because of the low temperature, the night I wanted to go outside to play the fairy stick is also canceled, but this change also makes me feel very intimate, because I can feel that Zhan Zhan is really given from us, from the perspective of the guests. Suggest. A lot of things may not be exactly the same as you think on the day, but imperfections are also perfect. The Fleur Team brings the most perfect and memorable experience to my guests. This is what I want most.

    The profession of Fleur Wedding is also reflected in the grasp of time. What is slackness, I have experienced it. The accompanying little brother and young lady always pay attention to the time, reminding them when necessary, will not make you feel nervous, but let all the processes go smoothly. Believe me, if I have experienced the kind of planning, I will call my relatives and call me. I am very anxious to make it impossible to take pictures with ease. In the end, I have not completed all the things on time. You will know that Fleur has such a quiet practice. How rare (and not so easy!)

    Fleur's Decor Team also has a lot of words to boast. After the wedding, almost everyone praised us for being too beautiful. I was worried about the dinner venue (more quaint), especially the dinner photos of other weddings on the venue website. Although I am very convinced of my planning and Decor team, it is still a little faint. As it turns out, my uneasiness is really unnecessary! My friend sent me a dinner arrangement photo, 360 degrees without a good-looking look, a lot of attention to the details, I just want to say, the ghosts of the gods, the decay of the magic. Most importantly, within our budget!

    Therefore, I have seen Fleur Weddings' beautiful and motivated newcomers, I believe that your heart, Fleur, your wedding will be the perfect! Pick Fleur!

    (Off topic, after adding F sister, from time to time will see her show love. Looking at her beautiful marriage, I feel vague about an answer, Fleur Team can do one after another such a beautiful The wedding is because they really believe in love, believe in beauty, and paint the most touching color on the most important day of the newcomer. (Original)

    从和Fleur Weddings的Initial Meeting开始,我就充分感受到两个字:“专业”。这两个字从始至终贯穿整个筹备婚礼直到婚礼举行的那一天。不论是为我们婚礼准备的从预算表到排桌表到当天流程都很全面细致的Master Sheet,还是她们的提问中透露出对行业的充分的了解,都很打动我,让我们当晚就决定推掉见过的另一家wedding planner,就决定是Fleur啦!

    和Fleur Team在沟通婚礼的过程中,不论是我们临时起意提起的想法,还是和Vendor, Venue的沟通有什么问题,我们得到的最多的三个词永远是:“好的”,“没问题”,“不要担心”。属于自己的婚礼的好处就是可以天马行空,而找个好策划的好处就是,让你有底气为所欲为。你说想要什么,我的策划詹詹Jennifer,都会说,行,我试试。然后,你的天马行空就都梦想成真。我说我要湖,她给我找了四五个带湖的场地一个一个去看。

    我说我要我的客人吃的好,她说,没问题,我们看过了,这些场地的食物评价都很好。 我说我要这样那样入场,她说,好,问了场地,可行! 更多时候,是我自己都讲不清楚的感觉,她们却也能凭借丰富的经验心领神会。

    在我们的婚礼筹备期间,有几对朋友办的婚礼也机缘巧合都是Fleur Weddings出品,有各种风格,每一种都有每一种的美丽。看着他们的朋友圈,我发现不知道什么时候开始,明明离自己的婚礼还有一段时间,明明还没看到我婚礼现场的样子,我却已经对我的婚礼的样子有了盲目的自信。(事实证明这种自信值得拥有。)

    婚礼当天,因为大风和突然的降温,我原本想要的入场方式没法进行了,但詹詹迅速帮我找到了同样有创意的入场。其实后来想想,我当天所用的比我自己本来想要的,从观感上来说可能会更好一点。也因为低温,晚上本来想去室外玩仙女棒的环节也取消了,可是这个改动也让我觉得很贴心,因为我能感受到詹詹是真的在从我们,从宾客的角度所给出的建议。很多事情当天可能不会和你想象的一模一样,但是不完美有的时候也是一种完美,Fleur Team给我的宾客们带来的是最完美最难忘的体验,这也是我最想要的。

    Fleur Wedding的专业也体现在时间的把握上。什么叫松弛有度,我是体验到了。随行的小哥和小姐姐时刻关注时间,必要的时候提醒一下,不会让你有紧张感,却让所有流程都走得很顺畅。相信我,如果经历过那种策划挨个给亲人打电话催,催得人十分着急导致没法安心拍照,最后也没有按时完成所有事情的体验,你就会知道Fleur这样润物细无声的做法有多么难得(而且不是那么容易的!)

    Fleur的Decor Team我也很多话想夸,婚礼结束以后几乎每个人都夸我们的布置太太太美了,本来我对晚宴场地(比较古朴)还有点担心,尤其看了场地网站上其他婚礼的晚宴照片,虽然很相信我的策划和Decor团队,却还是有点隐隐的不安。事实证明,我的不安真是太没有必要了!朋友发给我的晚宴布置照片,360度无死角的好看,很多对细节的把握,我只想说,鬼斧神工,化腐朽为神奇。最重要的是,在我们的预算内!

    所以,看过Fleur Weddings的美照动心的准新人们,相信你们的内心,有Fleur,你们的婚礼会是最完美的!Pick Fleur!

    (题外话,加了F姐以后,时不时会看到她秀恩爱。看着她美好的婚姻的样子,我感觉隐隐约约有个答案,Fleur Team之所以能办出一场又一场这么美好的婚礼,是因为她们是真心相信爱情,相信美好,用心在新人最重要的一天画上最动人的一笔色彩。

  • (Translated by Google) Actually, I don't know where to start. I just thought about what to say, haha.

    From the beginning of the preparation of the wedding, I also met a lot of planners, but the initial meeting with F sister really made me decide the choice of fleur. It doesn't make sense to say it. It may be that intuition makes me choose to believe in her.

    After further contact, I met Erin. I found out how correct my choices are. I am a very tangled person with selective phobia. When I started to choose the venue and theme of the wedding, I was really tangled. I like a lot of material and my thoughts have been changing. I feel that I am annoying myself. However, erin and flora took me to countless places and modified countless times, including the questions I asked in the middle of the night. Erin is a second.

    Until the wedding, I was always in a state of ignorance. I only knew that my wedding was going to be white and green, like a forest, but when I really saw the scene, I didn’t know what adjectives I could go. Described, completely exceeded my expectations. Many people ask me not to be nervous before the wedding, I don't seem to be very nervous at all. Because I didn't worry about anything, I really became a little princess all day. There are also many people who say that they didn't enjoy it when they got married. They just wanted to end earlier this day, but I feel that this day has passed too fast and I have not enjoyed it. My husband knows that I am a bit of perfectionism. Before I got married, I specifically said to me that at this time of the wedding scene, there will definitely be a variety of unexpected situations. It is impossible to be perfect, let me not worry so much, he said I just want to enjoy the moment. But I want to say that my wedding is really flawless, completely perfect, his fears are completely redundant.

    It seems that the scene of the game yesterday is still in sight. I didn’t know how many times they embraced fleur during the whole wedding. In fact, every hug is a thank-you. When they came, they arranged such a beautiful scene. When they left, they were really quiet. Even I want a photo with them that I didn't have time to.

    I also want to say that everyone in fleur seems to be very warm, and the little assistant who has been with me on the wedding day, I want to thank you too! I have been dragging my skirt for a long time, I am afraid that I am hungry, always give me food!

    Therefore, the feedback from the guests is that this is the most fun wedding, the most happy wedding, it seems that everyone has participated, and there are people who say that I still want to marry again. In short, a thousand words thank you! Can't represent my current mood

    It seems to be a mess of haha, but this is my current mood. I just got up and didn’t have time to sort it out. I just want to write down your thanks.

    I really can't bear you! I feel like you are like my family, I am reluctant to end, love you! ! !



    从开始准备婚礼,我也见了很多planner,可是和F姐的initial meeting真的让我瞬间决定了选择fleur。说不上来是一种什么样的感觉,可能就是直觉让我选择相信她。


    直到婚礼前其实我也一直都是蒙蒙的状态,我只知道我的婚礼要白白绿绿的,像森林那样,可是当我真的看到场地布置好的那一幕我都不知道有什么形容词可以去形容,完全超出了我的预期。很多人婚礼前问我紧不紧张,我好像完全没有很紧张。因为我什么都没有去操心,真真正正的当了一整天的小公主。也有很多人说结婚的时候一点都没有享受到,只想这一天早一点结束,可是我觉得这一天过去的太快了,完全没有享受够。我老公他知道我有点完美主义,结婚前特意和我说,婚礼现场这种时候,肯定会有各种各样意想不到的状况发生,不可能是完美的,让我不要那么的操心,他说我只要enjoy the moment就好。可是我想说,我的婚礼真的没有瑕疵,完完全全的完美,他的担心完全都是多余的。






  • (Translated by Google) Six days before the wedding, I just sent my family back from the airport, and finally I can sit down and seriously express our gratitude. I am a person who never writes a feedback. Both good and bad are left in my heart. The reason is very simple, lazy. But this time, I really want to write a review for the fleur team, just to thank you for your perfection.

    Three months ago, the original wedding was scheduled for May of the following year. We decided to add a wedding in Toronto. From the date of the wedding, I began to worry. Time is tight. I dare not ask too much but think about it. I don’t want to regret it, so I started to struggle between the ritual and the complete process. My husband is a minimalist and environmentalist. In his worldview, "the wedding is a large temple fair." In addition to the license, any unnecessary rituals and processes for him are a waste of time and money. Besides, we still have a large wedding (for parents and relatives) in the country, so at first my husband was not interested in a Western-style wedding, but I asked a married friend and grabbed a few key words. One of them was fleur, so I dragged my husband to see Flora. The first meeting with Flora was very smooth. It was quite a force. Flora started from the meaning of the wedding itself and the symbols behind each link. They gave us an explanation. In short, the result was that the husband would not be in the car. Stop saying: Flora is so powerful, I am really looking forward to the wedding. Then I dragged me directly to the bank, and I paid a deposit to Fleur that day (please feel my face and surprise). In fact, Flora didn't know at all. We just wanted to get a preliminary understanding of this trip, and we didn't even decide whether or not to do a wedding. In this way, we signed Fleur.

    In the days of marriage, I always feel that after all, it is my own wedding, or I must be able to participate in my own heart. I have to worry about it at the beginning. I am afraid that the planner is missing something because I don’t understand it, so I am full. The things in my head flew around, I thought about it and I forgot the one, then I started to worry again. But in the whole process of communication with our planner Candy, I slowly found out that she really did not matter. Every day, I thought of it. I thought of it. She thought of it for me. Everything was well organized, and finally. In the end, I basically look at the multiple-choice questions she sent every day, and then give feedback and suggestions. At the end of the busy schedule at the end of the year, the preparation of the wedding itself did not bring me a slight burden. And I can say anything in this mouth, everything is good, but the requirements of each link are very high, but the whole process, Candy's update list carpet covers all my requirements and unexpectedly let me I found that every new idea she proposed was in full compliance with or even exceeded our expectations. So, really thank you for the wedding planning Candy! If your wedding planner will only do things, that is not enough! One week before marriage, I was nervous and anxious. . . Then I started bombing Candy privately. . . Like Xianglin, she will tell me patiently and reasonably, you don’t need to worry about it here, because how is it, just like this, I will talk to me back and forth a few times, and slowly I will feel calm and relieved. Waiting for your own day. Too much to say, in short, I want to express my special thanks to Candy!

    On the day of the wedding, although I was in a happy and compelling state like dreaming, I was not afraid of some things. For example, E sister followed me with a little helper to help me dress and wear shoes and pick up the mess. Master the time, control the process, watch a bunch of beautiful women follow me like a bodyguard. I feel very cute and feel very happy. I listen to them all. I am only responsible for being a princess. For example, when I saw the auditorium and banquet hall that F sister had built with Décor, my husband and I were shocked, because we didn’t know what our wedding was like until that moment, and the truth would be embarrassing, but At the moment, there were only surprises and excitement beyond expectations. I have seen too many wedding scenes at fleur. At that moment, I still feel that this is ours, and the uniqueness is different from others. After marriage, a friend came over and laughed and said that such a wedding decoration will know that it is your wedding! For me, this is what I am most satisfied with.

    After the wedding, I was tired of overdraft, took the bridesmaid back to the room and thought about cleaning up a mess. When I entered the bridal room, I found that all the luggage was packed by fleur. I just changed my clothes and pulled the box back. Home, at that moment, I am most grateful to Fleur, haha!

    I wrote too much and looked like a nursery. . . In short, I think the best thank you is to tell your future bride about your experiences and feelings. The benevolent sees benevolence, the wise sees wisdom, I am a laity, and only this crazy call.

    Millet porridge


    距婚礼过去六天了, 刚刚送走家人从机场回来,终于可以坐下来认认真真的表达一下我们的感谢。我是个从来不写feedback的人,好坏都留在心里,原因很简单,懒。但这回, 我很想给fleur团队写个review,只为感谢你们倾力成全了我大婚当日的完美。

    三个月前,原本婚期定在来年五月的我们,临时决定在多伦多加一场婚礼,从定下婚期当日起,我就开始焦虑了,时间紧迫,不敢要求太多却又各种想要不留遗憾,于是我在仪式从简和完整流程之间开始纠结。我老公是个极简主义和环保主义者,在他的世界观里,“婚礼就是一场大型的庙会”,除了领证,对他而言任何不必要的仪式和流程都是对时间金钱的一种浪费,何况我们在国内还会有一场大型(送给父母亲属的)婚礼,所以起初我老公对一场西式的婚礼完全没有兴趣,但我问了一圈已婚朋友,抓住了几个关键词,其中之一就是fleur,于是我拖着老公去见了Flora。第一次和Flora开会开的非常顺利,是相当给力,Flora从婚礼本身的意义和各个环节的背后的象征出发,一个个给我们介绍讲解,总之结果就是开完会,我老公在车里不停的说: Flora太厉害了, 搞得我现在对婚礼真的挺期待的。然后直接拖着我去了银行,当天就给Fleur交了定金(请自行感受一下我的一脸懵逼和诧异)。其实Flora完全不知道,我们此行只是想初步了解一下,甚至都还没决定要不要办婚礼,就这样,我们签下了Fleur。

    备婚的日子里,我总觉得毕竟是自己的婚礼,还是一定要自己参与才能可心,说白了最开始还是有我的担心,生怕策划师因为对我们不了解而少了什么,于是我满脑子的事儿飞来飞去,想的起这个就忘记了那个,然后我又开始焦虑。但是在和我们的策划师Candy的全程交流中,我慢慢发现她真的是事无巨细,每天跟进,我想到的,想不到的,她都替我想到了,一切安排的井井有条,最后的最后, 我基本就是每天看看她发来的选择题做一下,再回馈意见和建议,在年底工作最忙的时候,筹备婚礼本身竟然没有给我带来一丝一毫的负担。而且我这个人嘴上说什么都行,什么都好,可心里对各个环节的要求是很高的,但全程下来,Candy的update list地毯式覆盖了我所有的要求以及出乎意料的让我发觉她提出的每一个新的想法都是完全符合甚至超出我们的预期。所以,真的真的感谢婚礼策划Candy! 如果你的婚礼策划师只会做事,那是不够的!婚前一周,我又紧张又焦虑。。。然后我就开始私下轰炸Candy。。。像祥林嫂一样絮絮叨叨,她会耐心且有理有据的告诉我你不需要担心这里那里,因为如何怎么样,就是这样一天几个来回的跟我聊,慢慢的我就能坦然又安心的等待属于自己的那天。说的太多了,总之就是想特别表达一下对Candy的感谢! 婚礼当日,我人虽然像在做梦一样处在一个幸福的懵逼状态里,但是,有些事儿我是不懵的, 比如E姐带着小助手随身跟着我帮我穿衣穿鞋,收拾狼藉,掌握时间,控制流程,看着一堆美女像保镖一样跟着我,一本正经的样子觉得很可爱更觉得很心安,一切都听她们的,我只负责当我公主。再比如,见到F姐带着Décor打造出来的礼堂和宴会厅,我和老公都惊呆了,因为直到那一刻前我们都不知道自己的婚礼是什么样的,讲实话会有忐忑,但当下只有超出预期的惊喜和激动,看过了fleur太多的婚礼现场,那一刻还是觉得这就是我们的,独一无二和别人的不一样。婚后有朋友过来嬉笑说,这样的婚礼装饰一看就知道是你的婚礼! 于我而言,这就是我最满意的啦。

    婚礼结束后, 我已经累到透支,带着伴娘回房间想着要好好收拾一片狼藉,进了新娘房才发现一切行李都被fleur收拾好了,我只需换了衣服拉着箱子就可以回家了,那一刻才最是感激Fleur,哈哈!



  • (Translated by Google) The criteria for our selection of a wedding planner are simple: one, the best; second, all hands. As a result of referral from three different channels, we got the same name: Fleur Weddings!

    In the six months of planning weddings for us, the Fleur team fully demonstrated their top professionalism and meticulous service attitude.

    We have just given some general principles and preferences. As a result, their designs perfectly reflect our wishes and we are delighted! From the site selection, style, creativity, layout, color, every detail is completely from Fleur's hands, the texture and color of the shelf where the chopsticks are placed, the thickness and color of the invitation, the origin and texture of the wedding candy, and the details. Let us save worry and effort, and at the same time give all guests a very deep impression and perfect experience! Let us all wedding costs value for money, value for money!

    Preparing for the wedding is a daunting and trivial project for both newcomers and even relatives and friends! Through Fleur's strategy and the perfect matching of the various suppliers and partners that they have carefully selected, there is not one thing that disappoints us! Unimaginable perfection!

    Fleur's beautiful women have a great body of enthusiasm and energy. They are tireless! We are extremely grateful for their excellent service! By the hand of fluer, create a perfect and unforgettable wedding, and leave one of our happiest memories in life!


    我们选择wedding planner的标准很简单:一,要最好的;第二,全权放手。结果从三个不同渠道的referral,我们得到了同一个名字:Fleur Weddings!




    Fleur的美女们,纤细的身体里蕴藏着巨大的热情和能量,不知疲倦!我们万分感谢她们的卓越服务!借fluer 之手,打造一个完美难忘的婚礼,留一个我们一生最幸福的回忆!

  • (Translated by Google) Thanks to my wedding planner Tiffany, and all the staff on the wedding day, you are working hard~ our wedding is really perfect, just as we imagined, even better than we thought. In particular, all the details, every detail is exquisite in place, every point in the process is completed accurately and methodically, and the warm atmosphere we want also makes every guest present feel it. All the guests said that they have never participated in this special wedding from divine touch to joy and warmth. In addition, I really feel that your work is very meaningful, although I can feel really hard. During the time, my skirt was dirty because of the outside shot, and both tiffany and angela knelt down and tried to help me clean my skirt before the ceremony. Really moved. The value of your work is greater than the value we pay, and it is worth our treasure for a lifetime. You have done everything we want beyond expectations, and have made the most important day of our life so beautiful, and sincerely give you a thousand times of gratitude. ~ I hope that you will get better and better in the future! --Ailin & Parker


    感谢我的婚礼策划师Tiffany, 以及我们婚礼当天在场的所有工作人员,你们都辛苦啦~我们的婚礼真的太完美了,和我们想象中的一模一样甚至比我们想的更好。特别是所有的细节,每一个细节都很精致到位,流程中的每一个点都精确又有条不紊的完成了,我们想要的温馨的氛围也让每一个在场的来宾感受到了。所有的客人都说从来没参加过这种从神圣感人到欢乐温暖的特别的婚礼。此外,我真心觉得你们的工作非常有意义,虽然也能感觉到真的很辛苦。期间我的裙子因为外拍弄脏了,tiffany和angela两个人都蹲下来努力的帮我赶在仪式前擦干净我的裙子。真的太感动了。你们工作得价值大于我们付出的价值,值得我们珍藏一辈子了。你们超出预期做到了所有我们想要的样子,把我们人生中最重要的一天变的这么美好,真心的给你们一千次的感谢。~希望你们今后越办越好!--Ailin & Parker

  • (Translated by Google)For the marriage of Xiaobai, and Flora's first meeting was convinced by her reasonable professionalism. After signing on the spot, our planner Jennifer began planning for us. From taking us to the venue to determining the various vendors, she is always patient and prompt in answering all our questions.

    Give your wedding to Fleur, you don't have to worry about the time arrangement, don't worry about the problems on the vendor side, don't worry about the effect on the wedding day, because Fleur will be your solid backing, help you solve problems and guide each new couple. Prepare for the wedding in an orderly manner.

    Only two weeks before the wedding, the venue suddenly canceled the reserved parking space that had already been fixed for no reason. Jennifer first visited the site on his own, communicated with the venue, and then explained the situation with us, and immediately proposed a solution. From the occurrence to the solution, the whole problem did not make the new people feel anxious, and some just felt the peace of mind and intimacy.

    In terms of design, as a Virgo with some obsessive-compulsive disorder, after the first Mock up, I actually have a lot of worries, and I have put forward a lot of unrealistic "creatives", and I am afraid that I will sound like a A party that is nitpicking. Flora doesn't bother to communicate with me, giving lots of ideas and inspiration to understand the design I really want in my heart. Honestly, before the wedding, I didn't know at all whether the effect, color, and florals on the wedding day were what I wanted. I have done countless nightmares for this... Now I want to say, give Fleur, you can really have no worries, full of expectation, peace of mind to be the most beautiful bride, the most handsome groom!

    Thanks to Fleur Team, to Flora, to my little angel Jennifer, and to Rose who kept feeding me on the day of the wedding to avoid my hungry stomach. This is a lovely planning team. I am preparing to marry you in this review. I hope you don't hesitate to go to an initial meeting. They will not let you down :)





    设计方面,作为一个有些许强迫症的处女座,在进行完第一次Mock up之后,我其实有很多的担忧,也提出过很多不切实际的“创意”,又很怕自己听上去像个吹毛求疵的甲方。Flora不厌其烦的与我交流沟通,给出很多想法和灵感来了解我内心真正想要的设计。老实说,在婚礼之前,我完全不知道婚礼当天呈现的效果、色彩、花艺到底是不是我想要的。为此还做了无数个噩梦……现在我想说,交给Fleur,你真的可以毫无后顾之忧的,充满着期待的,安心当那个最美的新娘,最帅的新郎!

    感谢Fleur Team,感谢Flora,感谢我的小天使Jennifer,还有结婚当天不断给我投食以免我饿肚子的Rose。这是一个可爱的策划团队,在看这篇review的正在备婚你,希望你不要犹豫,先去约个initial meeting,她们一定不会让你失望 :)

  • (Translated by Google)The wedding ended more than a week, it is really endless aftertaste! The first time with the Flora meeting should be more than a year ago, it was really deeply touched by her decisiveness, professionalism and enthusiasm!

    Over the past year or so, the wedding period has changed three or four times due to the size of the wedding. The style and color of the wedding have also changed. No matter what kind of ideas I have, I will communicate with Tiffany and Flora for the first time. I was particularly impressed by the fact that when I was in China, I planned Tiffany to communicate with me several times in the middle of the night to help me deal with the problem until three or four in the morning, and then climbed up to meet at eight in the morning. Every time she persuaded her to rest early, but she was still enthusiastic (I didn’t dare to leave a message to her in the middle of the night, for fear that she would be busy immediately)

    My husband and I are also ups and downs about the wedding mentality. From the very beginning, when we found Flora, we were full of excitement and expectation. In the middle of the year, because of the hesitation of external factors and even some retreat, we finally got back with the help of Tiffany and Flora. The wedding is full.

    From the morning to the end of the wedding, Fleur's planners were busy at the venue. Tiffany was very meticulous about my care. Whenever I felt tired and overwhelmed, I saw Fleur's staff helping me immediately. The feedback from the guests to this wedding far exceeded our expectations. The elders and friends praised the wedding layout and overall atmosphere! Everyone said that they would like to participate in several weddings like ours!

    At the end of the dinner, I felt a little lost. It was over for more than a year that Fleur held it in my hand. It can be said that without Fleur, there is no perfect wedding without our regrets! My husband and I have the biggest expectation that we can enjoy the wedding planned by Fleur as a guest in the future! !


    婚礼结束一周多了,实在是回味无穷!第一次与Flora meeting应该是一年多以前,当时真的是深深被她的果断,专业和热情所打动!


    我和老公对于办婚礼心态也是起起伏伏,从最开始找到Flora的时候满满的激动和期待,到中期因为外界因素的犹豫不决甚至有些退缩,最终终于在Tiffany 和Flora的帮助下重新对婚礼憧憬满满。



  • (Translated by Google) Fleur was the first planner I found after I started the wedding. During the initial meeting, I chatted with Flora. After the afternoon, we signed the contract. Until the end of the wedding, I felt "fortunate to meet you"! Fleur is not only a professional wedding planning team, but also a group of lovely, sincere, kind friends. Without them, I will never have a sweet wedding that I can remember for a lifetime.

    Every wedding has all kinds of accidents. My accident is that one week before the wedding, I can confirm that my parents can't attend my wedding. For various reasons, the number of guests is reduced to (probably) Fleur has taken the least number of weddings. But all the difficulties, with the help of my favorite Planner Candy and their team, made me the happiest bride that day, let my husband, this straight man, all the efforts worthwhile, let me be my father. The man who didn't cry for a long time in his life was snotted by all the beautiful emotions of the day, so that my bridesmaids were feeling that they would never think that the wedding was just a form. I just wanted to get married soon!

    As a former event planner, I always felt that my wedding can be planned by myself! Goose, after experiencing everything, I found that preparing a wedding is not a romantic and funny way of thinking. The perfect presentation of every detail in the big day is due to sufficient preparation and sufficient experience, So ~ professional Let the professional people do it!

    In the past six months, for my and my husband's idea, Candy and Flora are just like Little Ding Dong, helping us realize all dreams, just like the most sincere friends, help me achieve the most beautiful wedding with the most reasonable budget, on- Everyone in the site team has done everything in order to make us really enjoy every moment! ( ps. My steel straight man said, it really is not bad!) On the wedding day, to make up for my dad Mom can't come to the scene to participate in the wedding regret, Flora even holding a mobile phone, hiding behind the photographer (in order not to let the staff into the mirror) video to my parents live broadcast! As Flora originally said, as long as they are there, I don't have to worry, everything can be done. Indeed, they gave me this kind of solid security~


    Fleur是我开始筹备婚礼后找到的第一家planner, initial meeting时和Flora畅聊一下午后当天晚上我们就签了合同,直到婚礼结束后的现在,我都觉得“幸好遇到你们”!Fleur不仅仅是一支专业的wedding planning team,更是一群可爱的、真诚的、善良的朋友,没有她们, 我绝不会有一场让我能回忆一辈子的甜蜜婚礼。

    每场婚礼都会有种种意外,我的意外就是婚礼前一周才确认我的爸妈不能参加我的婚礼,由于各种原因宾客人数骤减为(大概是)Fleur承接过人数最少的婚礼。但所有的困难都在我最最最爱的Planner Candy和她们团队的帮助下,让我那天成为了最幸福的新娘,让我老公这个钢铁直男直呼一切努力都是值得的,让我公公半辈子都不怎么掉眼泪的男人被当天一切的美好感动的一把鼻涕一把泪,让我的bridesmaids们都在感慨再也不认为婚礼只是个形式,简直想赶紧结婚!

    作为以前也是个event planner的我,之前总觉得自己的婚礼完全可以自己来策划呀!然鹅,自己经历过一切后,发现准备一场婚礼绝不是自己想象中的浪漫有趣简单,big day中的每一个细节的完美呈现都是因为有充分的准备和充足的经验,So~专业的事还是交给专业的人来做吧!

    在这半年里,对于我和老公提出的idea,Candy和Flora就像小叮当一样,帮我们实现一切梦想,就像最真诚的朋友一样帮我用最合理的budget实现最美好的婚礼,on-site team的每一个人都把所有事情做的井井有条让我们真的enjoy every moment!( ps. 我的钢铁直男老公说,果然人美眼光也绝对不会差!)婚礼当天,为了弥补我爸妈不能来现场参加婚礼的遗憾,Flora甚至整场举着手机、躲在摄影师背后(为了不让工作人员入镜)用视频给我爸妈全程直播!就像Flora最初说的那样,只要有她们在,我就不用担心,一切都可以搞定,的确,她们给了我这种踏实的安全感~

  • (Translated by Google) The wedding finally ended successfully. Before I was busy, I finally have time to talk about the wedding preparation process.

    I first saw Fleur Weddings on Ins. At the time, they designed and planned weddings for other newcomers, which made me feel good and dreamy. The most important thing is that each wedding has its own theme and special design. repeat! I and my husband immediately made an appointment for the Initial Meeting. Now I think this is the most correct decision we have made. It is a happy experience to be prepared and planned by Fleur.

    When we first met Flora, we decided that they were! The design, effort and effort behind each wedding really surpassed our imagination. By understanding this, we feel that wedding planning is definitely the most important factor for a successful wedding. So we decided to let Fleur help us plan for the day. Our two weddings!

    In retrospect, the months of preparing for the wedding are really stressful and happy! Special thanks to our wedding planner Jennifer for helping us step by step to confirm the style we want for our wedding, to determine the theme of our wedding cat and dog, and to help design a lot of cute details. Although the weather was cold on the wedding day and it suddenly rained, the whole wedding did not receive any influence. The Fleur team was particularly intimate, helping the bride and bridesmaids to prepare hot water snacks separately. All the layouts of the day made people feel beautiful and beautiful. Fantasy. The guests saw the specially designed brand name, the sign-in desk and the dinner arrangement have been taking pictures and said that it is too cute and beautiful. At the end of the dinner, Fleur also specially prepared a flower tube, which allows the guests to take the flowers home for a memorial~ This wedding is even better and warmer than I expected.

    Thanks again to Jennifer and Fleur weddings. After the friend gets married, I will definitely recommend you, it’s great!


    婚礼终于成功结束啦,之前忙到不行,现在终于有时间说一下婚礼准备的过程. 我是在Ins上第一次看到Fleur Weddings,当时他们给其他新人设计和策划的婚礼,让我觉得好美好梦幻,最重要的是每场婚礼都有自己的主题和特别的设计,绝对不重复!我和我老公看到后就立刻预约了Initial Meeting.现在想这真是我们做的最正确的决定啦. 被Fleur准备和策划婚礼真的是一段幸福的体验. 第一次见到Flora的时候,我们就决定就是他们啦!每场婚礼背后的设计,付出和努力真的超过了我俩的想象. 通过了解这些,我们觉得婚礼策划绝对是一场成功婚礼最重要的因素. 于是当天我们就决定让Fleur来帮助我们策划属于我们两的婚礼!

    回想起来,准备婚礼????的这几个月真的是又紧张又开心!特别谢谢负责我们的婚礼策划师Jennifer 她帮助我们一步一步确认了我们婚礼想要的风格,确定了我们婚礼的猫猫狗狗主题,而且帮忙设计安排了超多可爱的细节设计.

    婚礼当天虽然天气冷,而且又突然下雨,但是整个婚礼没有收到丝毫的影响. Fleur team特别贴心,帮新娘和伴娘们单独准备好热水点心. 当天所有的布置都让人觉得又美又梦幻. 宾客们看到特别设计的名牌,签到台和晚宴布置都一直在拍照说太可爱太美了. 最后晚宴结束,Fleur还特意准备了花筒,能让客人们把鲜花带回家留作纪念~这一场婚礼比我想象中的还要好 还要漂亮温馨.

    再次谢谢Jennifer和Fleur weddings,等之后朋友结婚,一定强力推荐你们,真的太棒啦!