2 dedicated FULL TIME wedding planners

-  Very high quality of service as you have a wedding planning team working on your case versus 1 individual

-  Our team is able to cover your availabilities much better than one individual


Allocation of your wedding budget dollars

-  Creating largest impact within defined constraints

-  Optimization of your wedding budget dollars gives guests the impression that a much larger budget was spent on the wedding


Resourceful and able to find outside the box solutions to your problems 

-  Access to extensive emergency kit on the day of your wedding

-  Experience dealing with a variety of contingencies including weather, loss of important items


Special and preferred access to vendors

-  Thorough knowledge, experience, and access to large vendor list that would best suit your needs 

-  Knowledge of many niche vendors in Toronto offering unique services to enhance your wedding


Negotiation on your behalf

-  Special group discounts available to Fleur Weddings clients that have been pre-negotiated on your behalf already

-  Special arrangements with niche vendors that include extra services exclusively for Fleur Weddings clients due to developed long term relationships


Integration and coordination of vendors based on your custom wedding theme

-  Proper integration of your vendors to ensure they complement each other well resulting in a cohesive,  emotional, and memorable theme

-  Proper scheduling and management of your vendors to ensure seamless smooth performance on your event date 

-  Updated and relevant wedding trends applied to your event